BUC datasheet

NF v1
Ka‐Band (29‐31GHz) BUC with Integrated Linearizer (TSA‐214144) Summary
This is a Ka‐Band Block Up‐Converter (BUC) with an integrated IF Linearizer that is designed to generate 29‐30GHz or 30‐31GHz from a 1‐2GHz IF Band. The output band is selected via an RS‐
422 command, as is gain control, mute, and reference frequency selection. The RS‐422 interface also allows reporting of the input power to the mixer, internal temperature, and local oscillator (LO) lock detect. The unit uses a fully integrated IF Linearizer ASIC which can be used to linearize a Teledyne Microwave Solutions SSPA. As this uses an intelligent adaptive technique, SSPAs from other manufacturers may also be linearized. The achievable improvement in linearity depends on the type of SSPA, modulation scheme, and symbol rates used (measured improvement for a TMS amplifier is shown in Figure 2). Feedback of the RF signal is required to utilize the RF linearizer: approximately +10dBm is required at the RF feedback input. RF feedback (29-31GHz)
Ka-band SSPA
RF output
IF input Ka-band BUC with
IF linearizer
Figure 1: block diagram of the Ka‐band dual band BUC implemented in TX lineup. The unit has a wide operating voltage of +20.5V to +31.5V. The total weight is 1.5 lbs max and the size is 6” L x 4” W x 1” H. See the outline drawing attached 1
NF v1
Operating Frequency Range
Operating Temperature Range
Max RF Input Power
Small-Signal Gain
(Controlled Via RS-422)
Gain Variation Over any 40MHz IF BW
Over full IF BW
Gain Variation Over Temperature
VSWR Input
VSWR Output
Output Spurious
2nd Harmonic
& DC-DC Spurs
Phase Noise
100 Hz Offset
1 kHz Offset
10 kHz Offset
100 kHz Offset
1 MHz Offset
10 MHz Offset
RMS Noise (w/ 10 MHz Ext. Ref)
Spurious @ Pout = 42dBm
(29-31GHz) In Band
Reference Clock Input Freq.
Reference Clock Input Level
External Reference Clock Phase Noise
Lock Detect
Input Voltage
Detected Power @ Input of Mixer
Internal Temperature
Reference Input Connector
IF Input Connector
Feedback Input Connector
Output Connector
DC, Monitor, Control Connector
29 to 30 GHz and 30 to 31 GHz
-55 to +70 ˚C
+5 dBm
30 dB typ.
±0.75 dB
±2.0 dB
±2.0 dB
-60 dBc
-62 dBc/Hz
-75 dBc/Hz
-75 dBc/Hz
-93 dBc/Hz
-122 dBc/Hz
-125 dBc/Hz
<1.75 deg
10 or 50MHz (Selectable through RS-422)
0dBm ± 3dB
10 Hz Offset
100 Hz Offset
1 kHz Offset
Indicator of Lock to Reference via RS-422
+20.5V to +31.5V
Read through RS-422
Read through RS-422
Control Via RS-422 or Discrete Pin
N (F)
2.92mm (F)
2.92mm (F)
15 Pin Micro-D
6” L x 4” W x 1” H
1.5 lbs maximum
NF v1
Example of linea
arizer perfformance.
An exam
mple of the linearity imp
provement aachievable uusing the IF linearizer is shown belo
ow in figure 2. Figurre 2. Perform
mance enhan
ncement gained throughh the use of the adaptivee IF linearizeer function. (Modulation parametters: QPSK, SSymbol Ratee = 10Msps, Filter = Roott Raised Cosine, Filtter Roll‐off=0
0.2, Point of Linearity = 1
1 symbol ratte offset from carrier to be ‐30dBc)
NF v1
nical Outlline: