ET 3
This is universal embedded solution developed as a result
of evolution of our PMM, PMM2, HCP 35/39 terminals and
• Status LED, Watchdog LED
modems. The advantage of this device relies on CINTERI-
• SIM card interface 3V, 1.8V
ON TC65i, TC63i and MC75i wireless modules.
• Connector for external antenna (for example U.FL,
It could be used in variety of end applications such as remote management, data reading, synchronisation and more.
SMA, FME etc)
• Header vertical SMT connector (standard 2.54
ET3 can be ordered with many different antenna connectors
raster pinout for all common interfaces like USB,
such as U.FL, SMA, FME etc. Integrated Watchdog will
RS232, GPIO, I2C, ADC etc)
ensure reliability of ET3 in case of unexpected interruptions.
This embedded board can also be used like an SDK board
for developers.
• Java CLDC 1.1, J2ME
• 400kbyte RAM, 1.7MB Flash
• Power supply: 8-12VDC
• Peak current 1.5A, average 500mA
• Dimensions: 95 x 50 x 20mm
• Weight: approx. 50gr
• Ambient temp range: 0 – 40°C
• Quad Band GSM
• GPRS Class 12 (MC75i Class 10)
• CSD up to 14.4 kbit/s
Universal embedded Modem / Terminal