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Palm-size but Powerful
Easy recording anytime, anywhere!
Hioki's traditional MEMORY HiCORDER functions are now condensed into a lowprofile, turn-key device. The compact design includes a beautiful wide-screen
QVGA-TFT LCD. Easy to use, with great functionality and performance, you will
want to keep this extraordinarily compact MEMORY HiCORDER close at hand.
■ Compact and easy to carry
■ Easy, intuitive operation
■ Simple PC connection
■ Fast, 1MS/second performance despite the compact size
■ Built-in, compact-yet-sharp QVGA-TFT wide LCD
High performance instrument that fits in your hand
Ultra compact, yet easy to use
Actual Size
The “Setup Wizard” function guides
Activate the Setup Wizard
Real-Time waveform monitoring
When powered on, the Settings screen appears along with
The help text crawls along the bottom of the screen,
the waveform monitor, and the new Setup Wizard blinks.
describing the function of the setting at the blinking cursor.
By activating the Setup Wizard, you can easily navigate by
The enhanced “Waveform Monitor” window with level meter
following the simple instructions. Soon you will be operating
display facilitates changes to settings by simultaneously
the device like a seasoned professional.
displaying real-time input waveforms.
Take a snapshot of the screen as you would with a digital
camera and play back all of your images instantly.
Press FILE to display
the stored images
Select the image
Move to the previous image
Move to the next image
See the saved bitmap images on the display!
Save important waveform images instantly with the press of
Move to the next image
Move to the
previous image
a button. Review images by flipping through each file on the
widescreen display.
Isolated inputs for safe measurements
Compact, easy-to-carry design
Isolated analog channel inputs provide CAT II overvoltage protection
Volume and weight have both been reduced by 60% from
safety for measurements of up to 300 V AC and DC (maximum
HIOKI's previously most compact MEMORY HiCORDER,
terminal-to-ground rating). This capability
the 8807-01, to just 40% the volume and 55% the weight.
enables safe simultaneous voltage
Easily pack it in your briefcase to accompany you wherever
measurements of inver ter primar y and
secondary and stacked battery cells without
you go.
damaging the instrument.
■ Only 176 mm wide, 101 mm high
■ 300 V isolation between measurement
and 41 mm thick
terminals and HiCORDER chassis
■ 300 V isolation between measurement
Floating Voltage
Easy connection to a PC
To copy data saved on the CF card to a PC, take it directly to
the PC or connect the HiCORDER to the PC using the supplied
USB cable. Using the latter method, the 8807-20 will be
recognized as a "Removable Disk" on the PC, at which time the
contents of the CF card can be copied over. Use the bundled
freeware to display waveforms on the PC and make printouts.
Note: The CF card installed in the HiCORDER appears as a removable disk
on the PC, but communication functions such as the capability to change
HiCORDER settings from the PC are not available.
■ Weighs only 600 g even with the
battery pack installed
Data is efficiently saved to a CF card.
When the HiCORDER is connected to
a PC via USB cable, the data is quickly
copied from the installed card to the PC:
20,000 waveform screen divisions transfer in
about 20 seconds.
Portable size for on-site jobs
Catering to a multitude of applications
Sequential control fault analysis
CB timing measurements
Momentary supply dropouts and low AC voltage are often found to be
Analyze the relationships of multi-point logic signals and analog
the causes of abnormal interruptions and warnings from sequentially
waveforms to detect timing issues that can affect power supply
controlled devices in factory production and testing lines. For optimal
circuit breakers. Use logic probes to record relay operations on up
operational analysis, specify
to four channels, or use Differential Probe
an abnormal power event as
9322 for 440-volt power measurements
a trigger and simultaneously
and for support of CAT III and CAT IV
record waveforms of associated
sequential relay signals, AC
power and DC voltage systems.
overvoltage measurement
When facility troubles require analysis right away!
Battery operation is especially convenient in those situations where
no power outlet is available. Just plug in the supplied AC adapter
to recharge the battery, regardless of whether the HiCORDER is
on or off. The battery pack is automatically quick charged (autorecharging function) whenever its capacity is depleted. A full
charge provides about two hours of operation.
Synchronize two HiCORDERs together for four-channel recording!
For those times when t wo channels are just not enough,
synchronize two 8870-20's using the external trigger I/O terminals
(apply the trigger output from one to the external trigger input of
New Performance
● Use the bundled software to composite waveform files.
For example, to monitor the waveforms of a 3P 200 V line,
you can use 2 HiCORDERs at the same time and view the
waveforms of all
4 channels on
the other). Then use synchronous start
the same screen
to automatically record four channels of
on the PC.
measurement data to a CF card.
Have you ever had an experience like these?
“ T he r e's a p r oble m w it h t he fa ci l it y,
s o you ne e d t o s e e wavefor m s w it hout f u l l
me a s u r e me nt i n s t r u me nt at ion…”
“ You of t e n h ave t o v i sit wor k sit e s t o s e t u p
pla nt s a nd fa ci l it ie s , but t y pic a l me a s u r e me nt
i n s t r u me nt s a r e t o o bu l k y…”
Unattended monitoring for unpredictably
intermittent leakage phenomena
Record instantaneous waveforms of leakage current and line voltage.
Use “Out-of-Window” triggering to detect leakage events only when
the input is outside of specified upper and lower limits. Measurement
data is saved to CF card whenever leakage phenomena occur. Later,
reload the data into the
8 870 - 2 0 a n d u s e t h e
cursor functions to analyze
Fa s t , 1MS/s e c ond p e r for m a nc e d e s pit e it s
c om p a c t si z e.
I s olat e d i n put s e n s u r e s a fe c om me r cia l p owe r
me a s u r e me nt s. Wavefor m d e t a i l s c a n b e e a si ly
ob s e r ve d .
Record motor inrush current waveforms
Reliably record waveforms of motor startup current. Measure current
signals preferably using the 9018-10 Clamp-On Probe, or with
the 3283 CLAMP ON LEAK HiTESTER. Models 3284 and 3285
HiTESTERs are also
ideal for DC waveform
peak current values or
breaker tripping events.
Confirm inverter output waveforms
In the automobile servicing industry
Inverter performance analysis requires simultaneous observation of
Analyze phenomena in ways that are just not possible with dedicated
the high frequency carrier signal and the low frequency fundamental
fault diagnostic instruments. The high-speed sampling capability of the
waveform being switched. The combination of high-speed sampling
8870-20 as a compact hand-held oscilloscope
capability and high-capacity memory make these observations
provides mobility in situations that call for
possible. For current
delicate testing, such as when performing
waveform observations,
high-level analysis or measuring specifiable
use HIOKI clamp sensors
capable of high-frequency
measurements without direct electrical contact.
Capture momentary commercial power outages
Long-period recording like a pen recorder
Easily monitor the instantaneous waveform of 50/60 Hz commercial
Record dual-level DC voltage systems as you would with a pen
power. Use triggering to rec ord
recorder. Use the 10 ms sampling rate to record momentary voltage
unexpected waveform anomalies.
fluctuations.The internal two-Megaword memory offers about five
Capture momentary commercial power
hours of recording with a 10 ms sampling interval.
outages and voltage dips.
■ Main unit Specifications
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 80 % rh or less, after 30 minutes of warm-up time; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
Basic specifications
No. of channels
are common with instrument ground)
Measurement functions MEM (high-speed recording)
Fastest sampling rate 1 MS/s (1 ms, all channels simultaneously)
Memory capacity 12 bits × 2 MWords/ch
Memory recorder functions
2 analog and 4 logic channels (standard configuration, logic grounds
CF card Type I slot (standard equipment) × 1: Up to 2 GB (Flash
ATA), supports FAT16 and FAT32 formats
Clock and settings: 5 years or more (@25°C 77°F)
Waveform backup function: available when BATTERY
PACK 9780 is installed with charge remaining or AC
adapter is connected (up to 100 hours with fully charged battery pack).
USB: 1 port USB 2.0 High Speed mini-B receptacle, transfers
files from the installed CF card to a PC when connected (mass
External interface storage class device)
100 μs to 5 min/div, 20 ranges, time axis resolution 100 points/div,
time axis zoom: ×2 to ×10 in 3 stages, compression: 1/2 to 1/1,000
in 9 stages, Auto roll mode display at 50 ms/div or slowely range
Time axis
Sampling speed
Recording length
Ten settings from 20 to 20,000 div, or continuous
Records waveforms prior to trigger events, from 0 to 100%
of the specified recording length
Screen types
Split screen (none, only 1 screen), X-Y screen (none, but possible
at use with the supplied PC software), Waveform or numerical
logging (switched),
Voltage axis zoom (×2 to ×10), compression (×1/2 to ×1/5)
Backup function
Note: The CF card installed in the HiCORDER appears as a removable disk on the PC, but
communication functions such as the capability to change HiCORDER settings from the PC
are not provided.
Control terminals Terminal block: External trigger input, trigger output
Display type
4.3-inch WQVGA-TFT color LCD (480 × 272 dots)
English, Japanese
Display resolution
Note: Korean (special order only, please contact HIOKI)
Waveform section: 20 × 10 divisions (time axis × voltage axis),
each division is 20 × 20 dots
Temperature and humidity range for use:
Environmental conditions 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F), 80% rh or less
(no condensation)
Temperature and humidity range for storage:
-10°C (14°F) to 50°C (122°F), 80% rh or less
1/100th of time axis range, (1 µs period maximum, simultaneous
sampling in all channels)
(limited by timebase, only the last 20,000 div are saved)
Instantaneous value or RMS value display (only DC and 50/60 Hz)
Refresh rate: 0.5 sec, Sampling speed: 10 kS/sec, 4 digits: (the lowest
Numerical display
digit displays as 0 for values 0 to 4, and 5 for values 5 to 9)
Voltage axis range: 10 mV, 50 mV, 100 mV, 500 mV, 1 V, 5 V, 10 V,
50 V/div, auto ranging,
Accuracy : ±2.5 % of reading ±5 digits
Up to four simultaneous calculations (common to all channels),
calculation results are saved to CF card,
Calculation contents: average, peak, maximum and minimum
Numerical calculation
values, RMS, period and frequency
Calculation range: specified by A/B cursors or whole recording
Saving function
Safety: EN61010,
EMC: EN61326, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Setting configurations, measurement data (binary and text),
screen data (compressed bitmap format), numerical calculation
results, thinned data saving (text)
Cursor readout
Trace, vertical and horizontal
AC ADAPTER 9786: 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
BATTERY PACK 9780: About 2h continuous operation
Scaling function
Selectable by model (clamp or Differential Probe 9322), specified
conversion ratio (output ratio, division ratio), 2-point setting
Comment entry
Title comments can be entered for each channel (including logic)
Screen capture
The displayed screen is saved to CF card as a compressed bitmap
Vertical axis gauges can be displayed for two channels on the
waveform screen
(AC adapter has priority when both are used)
12 V DC supply: 10 to 16 V (cable available by special order)
The installed battery pack charges when the AC adapter is connected.
Charging functions Charging time is about 200 minutes at 25°C (77°F).
Notes: Charging time depends on battery condition. Charging is disabled to protect the battery at
ambient temperatures out of 5°C (41°F) to 30°C (86°F).
30 VA max. (charging with the AC adapter)
10 VA max. (charging with a 12 V supply)
Preserve starting
Dimensions and
Approx. 176 mm (6.93 in) W × 101 mm (3.98 in) H × 41 mm (1.61 in) D,
600 g (21.2 oz) (with the BATTERY PACK 9780 installed)
If power fails while measuring, measurement can be
automatically resumed when power is restored
Auto save
Instruction Manual × 1, Measurement Guide × 1, AC ADAPTER
9786 × 1, Strap × 1, USB cable × 1, Application Disk (dedicated
program for the 8870-20) × 1, PROTECTION SHEET 9809 × 1
Trigger functions
Trigger modes
Single or continuous
Level setting
Two analog and four logic channels, external trigger (falls below
2.5 V, or shorted terminals),
ON/OFF switching of each source, AND/OR between sources,
manual triggering
Level trigger: Triggering occurs when the signal rises or falls
through a specified voltage level.
Window trigger: Triggering occurs when the signal level rises
above or falls below specified upper and lower limits.
Voltage drop trigger: Intended particularly for 50/60 Hz
commercial power, triggering occurs when the peak voltage is
below the specified value.
Resolution : 0.5% of full scale (full scale = 10 divisions)
Logic Trigger
1, 0, ×, or specified pattern
Trigger filter
Other functions
Set by the number of samples, from 0 to 100, in five steps
Pre-trigger recording to capture waveforms before and after
triggering, trigger output (terminal block, 5-volt open-collector active
Analog Input
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 80 % rh or less, after 30 minutes of warm-up time; accuracy
guaranteed for 1 year)
Trigger sources
Trigger types
To jump to a specific waveform location
Setting is possible while monitoring waveforms on the Settings
Waveform monitor
In 4-bit units, four selectable display positions
Logic signal view
Scroll bar
low with at least 1 ms pulse width)
Measurement functions
Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement
Input connectors
Isolated BNC connector (input impedance 1 MΩ, input capacitance 7 pF)
Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 V AC, DC, CAT II (with input
101 mm
3.98 inch
176 mm
6.93 inch
41 mm
1.61 in
n Maximum Recording Time for the Memory Function
• Because data is not recorded directly to the CF card, maximum recording time is independent of CF card
capacity. Maximum recording time is determined only by internal memory capacity.
• Operation cannot be guaranteed when recording continuously for more than one year (with a slow timebase).
• Maximum recording length is the same whether using one or two channels.
Time axis
Sampling period
2M-Word (=4MB)
20,000 div Max.
100 μs/div
1 μs
200 μs/div
2 μs
500 μs/div
5 μs
10 s
isolated from the unit, the maximum voltage that can be applied between input
channel and chassis and between input channels without damage)
1 ms/div
10 μs
20 s
20 μs
40 s
10 mV to 50 V/div, 12 ranges, full scale: 10 div, AC voltage for
possible measurement/display using voltage axis × 1/2: 280 Vrms,
Low-pass filter: 5 Hz/50 Hz/500 Hz/5 kHz
2 ms/div
5 ms/div
50 μs
1 min 40 s
Measurement resolution
1/100 of measurement range (using 12-bit A/D conversion, measurement range is ±10 times per-division range value)
Highest sampling rate 1 MS/s (simultaneous sampling in 2 channels)
DC amplitude: ±0.5 % of full scale (after zero-adjust, f.s. = 10 div
of per-division measurement range)
Frequency characteristics DC to 50kHz -3dB
Input coupling
Max. allowable input 400 V DC (the maximum voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
10 ms/div
100 μs
3 min 20 s
20 ms/div
200 μs
6 min 40 s
16 min 40 s
50 ms/div
500 μs
100 ms/div
1 ms
33 min 20 s
200 ms/div
2 ms
1 h 06 min 40 s
500 ms/div
5 ms
2 h 46 min 40 s
1 s/div
10 ms
5 h 33 min 20 s
2 s/div
20 ms
11 h 06 min 40 s
5 s/div
50 ms
1 d 03 h 46 min 40 s
10 s/div
100 ms
2 d 07 h 33 min 20 s
30 s/div
300 ms
6 d 22 h 40 min 00 s
1 min/div
600 ms
13 d 21 h 20 min 00 s
2 min/div
1.2 s
27 d 18 h 40 min 00 s
5 min/div
3.0 s
69 d 10 h 40 min 00 s
Waveform display and printing, and CSV conversion with PC
Open a data file with the dedicated Wave Processor (PC application
program) for the 8870-20, to import and print waveforms with your
own arrow and figure annotations. Of course, screen data can be
copied and pasted into common Word and Excel documents to easily
create reports.
■ Features of the Dedicated Wave Processor Program (supplied accessory)
● Generate reports using templates, with figure annotations and entered
● Multiple files can be batch-converted to CSV data
● Use 2 HiCORDERs to monitor 3 or 4 channels of waveforms that are
measured using the same time axis range on the same PC window.
● Designed especially for MEMORY
HiCORDER 8870-20
Application program displays and
prints waveforms, and converts
measurement data to CSV text files
on a Windows PC.
● Provides X-Y display capability not
available on the HiCORDER
Display language: English or Japanese (select during installation)
Waveform display: Scroll and magnify/reduce the time axis of
the displayed waveform data image, move the zero position of
each channel, zoom and set the vertical axis of each channel
independently (variable gain)
Numerical value display: included
Cursor functions: Manipulate A and B cursors independently, and
display time and voltage numerically.
Max. displayable channels: 16 analog and 32 logic channels
Gauge display: Time gauge (absolute or relative time, seconds, data
points), voltage gauge (for each channel)
Figure annotations: Text boxes, straight lines, arrows, circles and
rectangles at any location
Screen capture: Extended meta format, bitmap format
Search functions: Date, maximum, minimum, level and window search
Template function: Save and reload waveform file display
Printer support: Color and monochrome printing on printers supported
by the operating system
Printable ranges: All data, screen capture and specifiable areas
Print formats: Undivided, 2, 4, 8 divisions, 2, 4, 8 or 16 traces, 1, 2 or
4 XY screen, gauges, channel comments, zero-position comments,
and A/B cursor values
Print preview and waveform screen hard copy/logging print functions
are included
Wave Processor Program for the 8870 -20
Supported measurement
MEMORY HiCORDER 8870-20 only
Operating environment PC running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista (32-bit versions)
File loading
Loadable data format: Memory function data (MEM extension)
Max. loadable file size: The maximum size that can be stored by the
8870-20 (subject to the capacity of the PC’s operating environment)
Waveform Composite Function: Composite the waveforms of up to 8
HiCORDERs (16 analog channels)
Overwriting save
Overwrites saved scaling and title/channel comments
Slideshow display Sequentially displays waveform files in the same folder
Text conversion
Data conversion format: Select from CSV, tab-separated or spaceseparated
Object data range: Whole range, or between cursors
Data thinning: Available by specifying interval
Conversion methods: Analog waveform data to voltage values, logic
data is converted to ones and zeros
Conversion channels: selectable
Header contents: Title, trigger date, timebase, comments, per-channel
setting conditions
Batch conversion: specify multiple files for batch conversion
■ Options specifications (sold separately)
Cable length and mass: Main unit cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft), input section cable 30 cm
(0.98 ft), approx. 150 g (5.3 oz)
Note: The unit-side plug of the 9320-01 is different from the 9320.
LOGIC PROBE 9320 -01
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh; accuracy
guaranteed for 1 year)
Detection of voltage signal or relay contact signal for High/Low
state recording
4 channels (common ground between unit and channels), digital/
contact input, switchable (contact input can detect open-collector
signals), input impedance: 1 MΩ (with digital input, 0 to +5
V), 500 kΩ or more (with digital input, +5 to +50 V), pull-up
resistance: 2 kΩ (contact input: internally pulled up to +5 V)
Digital input threshold 1.4 V/2.5 V/4.0 V
1.5 kΩ or higher (open) and 500 Ω or lower (short), 3.5 kΩ or
Contact input
higher (open) and 1.5 kΩ or lower (short), 25 kΩ or higher (open)
detection resistance
and 8 kΩ or lower (short)
Response speed
500 ns or lower
Max. allowable input
0 to +50 V DC (the maximum voltage that can be applied across
input pins without damage)
Cable length and mass: Main unit cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft), input section cable 1 m (3.28 ft),
approx. 320 g (11.3 oz)
Note: The unit-side plug of the 9321-01 is different from the 9321.
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh; accuracy
guaranteed for 1 year)
Detection of AC or DC relay drive signal for High/Low state
recording. Can also be used for power line interruption detection
4 channels (isolated between unit and channels), HIGH/LOW
range switching, Input impedance: 100 kΩ or higher (HIGH
range), 30 kΩ or higher (LOW range)
Output (H)
170 to 250 V AC, ±DC (70 to 250 V ) (HIGH range)
60 to 150 V AC, ±DC (20 to 150 V) (LOW range)
0 to 30 V AC, ±DC (0 to 43 V) (HIGH range)
0 to 10 V AC, ±DC (0 to 15 V) (LOW range)
Rising edge 1 ms max., falling edge 3 ms max. (with HIGH range
Response time
at 200 V DC, LOW range at 100 V DC)
Maximum allowable 250 Vrms (HIGH range), 150 Vrms (LOW range) (the maximum
voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
input voltage
Output (L)
Cable length and mass: Main unit cable 1.3 m (4.27 ft), input section cable 46 cm
(1.51 ft), approx. 350 g (12.3 oz)
(Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh, after 30
minutes of warm-up time; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
For high-voltage floating measurement, power line surge noise
detection, RMS rectified output measurement
DC mode
For waveform monitor output, frequency characteristics: DC to
10 MHz (±3 dB), amplitude accuracy: ±1 % of full scale (at max.
1000 V DC), ±3 % of full scale (at max. 2000 V DC) (full scale:
2000 V DC)
AC mode
For detection of power line surge noise, frequency characteristics:
1 kHz to 10 MHz ±3 dB
RMS mode
DC/AC voltage RMS output detection, frequency characteristics:
DC, 40 Hz to 100 kHz, response speed: 200 ms or less (400 V
AC), accuracy: ±1 % of full scale (DC, 40 Hz to 1 kHz), ±4 % of
full scale (1 kHz to 100 kHz) (full scale: 1000 V AC)
Input type: balanced differential input, input impedance/
capacitance: H-L 9 MΩ/10 pF, H/L-unit 4.5 MΩ/20 pF, Max.
rated voltage to earth: when using grabber clip 1500 V AC/DC
(CAT II ), 600 V AC/DC (CAT III), when using alligator clip: 1000
Maximum allowable
2000 V DC, 1000 V AC (CAT II), 600 V AC/DC (CAT III)
Voltage divider for 1/1000 of input, BNC connectors (output
switchable for 3 modes DC, AC, RMS)
Power source
Connect the AC ADAPTER 9418-15, (power cannot be supplied
from the logic terminals of the 8870-20)
Options for Voltage measurement (Not supplied. Purchase together with attachment clips appropriate for your application.)
Red/black set attaches to the ends
of test leads (9790)
Red/black set attaches to the ends
of test leads (9790)
(Thin Type) CAT II 300 V, ultraflexible 2.8 mm (0.11 in) diameter test
lead cable, 1.5 m (4.92 ft) length
Note: Attachment clips sold separately.
Battery Pack
Red/black set attaches to the ends
of test leads (9790)
Tip Expanders
Tip Expanders
Tip Expanders
Attachment clips are sold separately
Purchase the appropriate attachment
clips for your application separately
High-Voltage measurement
Charges while installed in
NiMH, Charges while installed
Tip Expanders
Removable storage (CF card)
for use with power supply
Supplied with PC
Card adapter
PC CARD 2G 9830
AC ADAPTER 9418-15
(2 GB capacity)
For powering Differential probe
9322, 100 to 240 V AC
For up to 2 kV DC or 1 kV AC. Use
with either AC Adapter 9418-15
PC Card Precaution
Use only PC Cards sold by HIOKI.
Compatibility and performance
are not guaranteed for PC cards
made by other manufacturers. You
may be unable to read from or save
data to such cards.
Voltage measurement
MEMORY HiCORDER 8870-20 (English model)
Note: Test leads are not included. Purchase the leads appropriate for your application separately
Supplied Accessories
For low voltage (up to 300 V), 1.7 m
(5.58 ft) length
For high voltage (up to 500 V),
1.8 m (5.91 ft) length
For LCD protection, pairs of additional
sheets can be purchased separately.
Includes space for small items, Neoprene
Used for connecting the 9320/9321 and
8870 series MEMORY HiCORDERs,
4-channel type, for voltage/contact signal because the terminal shapes are different.
* This cable is not required for the smallON/OFF detection (response time 0.1
μsec or higher, miniature terminal type) terminal types 9327, 9320-01, and
4 isolated channels, ON/OFF
detection of AC/DC voltage
(miniature terminal type)
Current measurement
10 mA to 200 A AC
Includes compartment for options, Resin
Clamp tester connection requires
OUTPUT CORD 9094 and
Conversion Adapter 9199.
20 A to 200 A AC/DC
200 A to 2000 A AC/DC
10 A to 500 A
(256 MB capacity)
4-channel type, for voltage/contact signal
ON/OFF detection (response time 0.5
μsec, miniature terminal type)
(512 MB capacity)
PC CARD 256M 9727
100 to 240 V AC
Logic signal measurement (One probe can be installed to provide four channels)
(1 GB capacity)
PC CARD 512M 9728
Red/black set attaches to the
9197, 196 mm (7.72 inch)
PC CARD 1G 9729
20 A to 1000 A
for the 3283/3284/3285, 9V/1A
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