Data Loggers
Records ten times* faster, yet small and light enough for the palm of your hand! *compared to the HIOKI 8420-51 series
Personal Data Logger with Ten Isolated Channels
■ Provides ten electrically isolated analog input channels for measuring voltage
and temperature, plus four pulse-counting input channels. The isolated inputs alleviate
constraints when measuring temperatures in live electrical circuits while minimizing
interchannel interference.
10 ms scanning of all channels provides rapid sampling capabilities
To meet the demand for measuring sudden changes in load, this model tracks
waveforms that earlier 100 ms models could not.
CompactFlash card makes direct recording a snap
For long-term data recording, transfer data to a PC via USB connection.
Widescreen, bright LCD gives excellent viewability
The beautiful, wide QVGA-TFT display is ideal for waveform monitoring.
Excellent portability, lightest weight in its class
Easy to operate by practically anyone, anywhere and at any time
Highlights - Ultra-compact for convenient portability - Bright, easy-to-view wide LCD display -
■ Most compact dimensions in its class
■ Most viewable display in its class
The handy size is easy to carry, and very lightweight.
The easy-to-see, high-definition wide-screen QVGA-TFT LCD
Just stuff it in the corner of your luggage, and you’re ready to
clearly displays trend graphs as well as numerical values.
go. Sized at 176 × 101 × 41 mm (WHD), and weighing in at
Waveforms and settings can be confirmed over a broad
only 550 g.
range, with up to 20 display divisions on the horizontal axis.
All-channel setting screen
Individual channel setting screen
Settings for all channels can be set and confirmed from one screen.
Easily select ranges and set display position while monitoring the
Monitor screen
View data in various layout combinations such as trend
graphs, numerical values and vertical axis gauges.
■ A variety of transducer outputs (DC voltage), or thermocouple measuring 10 ch
■ 4 Pulse (count) Input Channels
■ Alarm Output 1 Channel
■ Real-time Save & Long-term recording to CF Card
...........All in a Single Compact Device
Terminal 2: Trigger Output
Pulse Inputs (measure integration/revolution count variations)
• Outputs a signal when triggering occurs
• Use for synchronous parallel triggering of
multiple HiLOGGERs
• Four input channels
• Pulse inputs share common ground with the HiLOGGER
• For measuring energy consumption and cumulative flow
Note: Uses special HIOKI Input Cable 9641
Terminal 3: External Trigger Input
• Causes triggering when signaled by an
external trigger source
• Use for synchronous parallel triggering of
multiple HiLOGGERs
Integration count
0 to 1000M (count)
Rotation count
0 to 5000/n (r/s)
Voltage/Temperature Measurement (using thermocouples)
• Ten input channels
• Ιnsulation walls around all input channel terminals (M3 dia.
• Voltage or temperature measurement settings can be
independently set up for each channel
Terminal 4: Alarm Output
• Outputs a signal when alarm criteria are satisfied
• The output signal shares common ground with the HiLOGGER
• Use for simultaneous control of an external alarm device
Note: Thermocouple types K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B
Note: Open-collector output (active low, with voltage output)
Terminal 1: GND
±100 mV to ±60 V
1 to 5 V
K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B
-200 °C to 2000 °C
To record 4 - 20mA instrumentation
signals, attach a commercially available
250Ω shunt resistance to the input
terminals (between + and -) to convert the signals
to 1 - 5 V. Then use the 1-5V or the 10V f.s. input
range in the HiLOGGER.
CF Card (for real-time data saving)
Save every measurement to CF card in real time. For
continuous long-term recording, just insert a CF card with
up to a 2 GB capacity. View data on your computer screen
• Supports HIOKI’s 2GB Card
Note: Non-Hioki CF cards are not supported
using the supplied Logger Utility program.
■ CF Card Data Recording Capacity
Recording All Channels (ten analog, four pulse and one alarm)
Internal memory
(7 MB)
128 MB
256 MB
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
10 ms
9h 48m
19h 37m
1d 15h 14m
3d 06h 29m
6d 12h 58m
20 ms
1h 04m
19h 37m
1d 15h 14m
3d 06h 29m
6d 12h 58m
13d 01h 57m
32d 16h 53m
50 ms
2h 40m
2d 01h 03m
4d 02h 6m
8d 04h 13m
16d 08h 26m
100 ms
5h 21m
4d 02h 06m
8d 04h 13m
16d 08h 26m
32d 16h 53m
65d 09h 47m
200 ms
10h 43m
8d 04h 13m
16d 08h 26m
32d 16h 53m
65d 09h 47m
130d 19h 35m
327d 00h 59m
500 ms
1d 02h 49m
20d 10h 33m
40d 21h 07m
81d 18h 14m
163d 12h 29m
2d 05h 39m
40d 21h 07m
81d 18h 14m
163d 12h 29m
327d 00h 59m
4d 11h 18m
81d 18h 14m
163d 12h 29m
327d 00h 59m
11d 04h 16m
204d 09h 37m
10 s
22d 08h 33m
20 s
44d 17h 06m
30 s
67d 01h 39m
1 min
134d 03h 18m
2 min
268d 06h 36m
5 min to 1 hour
• Maximum recording time is inversely proportional to number of recording channels.
• Because the actual capacity of a CF card is less than that indicated, and because the header portion of waveform files is not included in capacity calculations, expect actual
maximum times to be about 90% of those in the table.
• "★" Exceeds 365 days.
Measure abrupt load changes, such as those that occur in
Isolated, high-speed-sampling data logger
electric/hybrid vehicles
Highlights - Fast, 10 ms sampling even while measuring on all channels - Measurement circuit includes effective noise suppression -
■ 10 ms Sampling and Recording Across All Channels
Abrupt changes in load need to be measured during
development of electrical vehicle systems such as in recent
hybrid cars, for which multi-channel, 10 ms sampling is
essential. This HiLOGGER can track waveforms that could
not be followed with the 100 ms sampling interval previously
Measurement comparison of abrupt load change in waveform with
10 ms (upper trace) and 100 ms sampling (using the supplied Logger
Utility program)
Measurement comparison of 5 Hz square pulse waveform with 10 ms
(upper trace) and 100 ms sampling (using the supplied Logger Utility
■ Enhanced Noise Suppression
Measurement involves the deployment of a deltasigma type A/D converter. Suppress inverter switching
noise and line-frequency hum by digital filtering with the
HiLOGGER's proprietary oversampling technology.
Note: Optimum noise suppression is obtained for recordings at least two seconds
■ Ten Isolated Analog Input Channels
There’s no need to worry about differing potentials of
measurement objects when measuring temperature
and voltage. All ten analog channels are isolated.
Channel-to-channel: 60 V DC max.
Even when measuring temperature and voltage at the
same time, interchannel interference and electric shock
hazards are eliminated. The four pulse channels are
ideal for counting revolution pulses to measure rotation
Note: Pulse inputs share common ground.
Channel-to-ground: 60 V DC max.
Highlights - Logger Utility program supports multi-channel measurements via PC - Bundled with the HiLogger -
USB connection ensures easy setup
Configure HiLOGGER settings from PC software. Settings are
sequentially ordered and guided from a PC window.
Copy the data recorded on the CF card to your PC via the USB
interface. (Firmware version 1.10 or later)
- Logger Utility program supports multi-channel measurements via PC - View past measurement data even while measuring - Use Windows’ printers for hard copy output -
Control measurements from the PC screen
Use the supplied Logger Utility program to control real-time data
USB cable B type
recording from the PC. Scroll backward through the displayed trend
graph window to view past waveforms even while recording.
USB cable B type
Up to five 8430-20 HiLOGGERs can be connected to one PC, providing
50 analog and 20 pulse channels that can be graphically displayed
Connect up to five
together in one window.
USB cable B type
Analyze after measuring
Our new “dual-knob function”* greatly simplifies data analysis. Two
different waveform windows are provided, with the displayed waveforms
Entire Recording Length: 1 s/div
showing different time axis scales (timebases). This capability can
greatly simplify long-term data analysis over competitors’ offerings.
* Patent pending.
Segment A
50 ms/div magnification
Logger Utility (bundled application software)
Segment B
100 ms/div magnification
One CD-R, CPU: Pentium 3 (500 MHz or more), at least 512 MB of memory
Interface: USB (LAN not available with the Model 8430-20/-21)
OS: Windows 2000 (SP4 or later)/ XP (SP2 or later)/ Vista (32-bit/ 64-bit),
(Ver 1.50 or later) Windows 7 (32-bit/ 64-bit)
(This software is compatible only to the MEMORY HiLOGGER LR8400-20,
LR8400-21s, 8423, 8430-20/-21)
Segment A View
Measurements on multiple loggers connected by USB can be controlled to
sequentially acquire, display and save waveform data (for recording up to
Segment B View
10 million samples)
*LAN not available with the Model 8430-20/-21
Real-time data
Data acquisition
Number of controllable instruments: up to 5 units
Display: Waveforms (multiple time axis can be displayed), Numerical values
(logging), Alarm status at the same time, Numerical value monitoring in a
separate window, Waveform scroll while measuring
Data saving destination: Real-time data transfer to EXCEL (new
function), or Real-time data acquisition file (LUW format, only for HIOKI)
Event marks: can be applied while recording
Data acquisition settings for the HiLOGGER
Saving: The setting for multiple HiLOGGERs can be saved together in
one file (LUS format); Instrument configuration settings can be sent and
Processed data file: Real-time data acquisition file (LUW format), Record
to internal memory data (MEM format)
Display format: Simultaneously display waveform and numerical value,
Waveform display
Data conversion
Spans entire recording length
Target data: Real-time data acquisition file (LUW format), Record to
internal memory data (MEM format), Data acquired in real time, Waveform
processing data
Calculation items: average, peak, maximum values, time to maximum
values, minimum values, time to minimum values, ON time, OFF time,
count the number of ON time and OFF time, standard deviation, integration,
area values, totalization
Search function
Target data: Real-time data acquisition file (LUW format), Record to
internal memory data (MEM format), Waveform processing data,
Search mode: event mark, time and date, maximum position, minimum
position, maximum pole, minimum pole, alarm position, level, window,
amount of change
(time-axis divided display possible)
Maximum number of channels: 50 channerls (measurement data, used with the
8430-20/ -21) + 60 channels (waveform processing data)
Others: Waveform display on sheet for each channel, scroll, record event
mark, cursor, hard copy, numerical value display
Target data: Real-time data acquisition file (LUW format), Record to
internal memory data (MEM format), Waveform processing data
Converted sections: All data, designation section
Format: CSV format (separate by comma, space, tab), transfer to EXCEL
spreadsheet, arbitrary data thinning
Print function
Supported printer: printer compatible with the OS
Target data: Real-time data acquisition file (LUW format), Record to
internal memory data (MEM format), Waveform processing data
Print format: waveform image, report format, list print (channel settings,
event, cursor value)
Print area: the entire area, area between cursors A and B
Print preview: supported
Processing items: Four arithmetic operations
Number of processing channels: 60 channerls (Ver 1.20 or later)
■ Product Specifications
General specifications (product guaranteed for one year)
Input System/
Analog inputs: 10 (M3 mm dia. screw terminal block), electrically
isolated between channels, and from chassis ground.
Input impedance: 1 MΩ (when voltage input or temperat ure
measuring with thermocouple burn-out detection OFF), 800 kΩ (with
thermocouple burn-out detection ON)
Pulse inputs: 4 channels (requires HIOKI Input Cable 9641)
Note: all pulse inputs share common ground with the HiLOGGER
Maximum rating: 60 V DC (max. voltage between input terminals
Analog Inputs
Pulse Inputs
Alarm Output
without damage),
Maximum rated voltage from isolated terminals to ground:
60 V DC (max. voltage between input channel terminals, and from
terminals to chassis ground without damage)
Input limits: -5 to +10 V DC (max. voltage between input terminals
without damage), non-isolated (common ground between pulse input
channels, and with chassis)
Pulse signal characteristic: no-voltage relay contact “a”, open
collector or voltage input (High: ≥ 2.5 V, Low: ≤ 0.9 V), Period: at
least 200 µs (both high and low periods at least 100 µs)
One channel, non-isolated: output from external control
connector (common ground)
Signal criteria: configurable high/low threshold levels, enter/
exit threshold window, logical sum (OR) and logical product
(AND) for every input channel. Output is refreshed each time
recording starts.
Signal characteristic: Open-collector output (active low, with
Measurement Settings
10 ms to 1 hour, 19 selections
Graph Timebase
100 ms to 1 day per division, 21 selections
(sampling period)
Real-Time Data
Waveforms are saved in real time as binary, or CSV data to the
CF card, and can be saved to separate files at preset times.
(CSV data in real-time is 50 msec sampling or later, Firmware Ver. 1.10)
Overwriting saving is available.
Stored data can be recalled by the HiLOGGER in 3.5 MWord (7
MB) quantities (for a single channel; less for multiple channels)
Backup battery life for clock and settings: approx. 5 years
Backup Function For measurement data: 100 hours with fully charged battery
pack, or for as long as AC adapter is connected
External Control External Trigger/Event Mark input (exclusion function), Trigger
Output, Alarm Output
4.3-inch WQVGA-TFT color LCD (480 × 272 dots)
Display type
English, Japanese
One USB 2.0 series mini B receptacle
Functions: Control from a PC (Ver 1.00 or later), Transfers internal
data on the CF card to a PC (Ver 1.10 or later, Windows XP/ Vista/ 7)
Temperature and humidity range for use: 0°C to 40°C (32°F
to 104°F), (or 5°C to 30°C, 41°F to 86°F when battery charging) 80% rh or
Temperature and humidity range for storage: -10°C to 50°C
(no condensation)
(14°F to 122°F), 80% rh or less
Compliance standard Safety: EN61010, EMC: EN61326, EN61000
(1) 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz using AC Adapter Model 9786
(2) Battery Pack Model 9780 (when used with the AC Adapter, the AC
Power Sources
Adapter has priority)
(3) 12 V battery (10 to 16 V DC ±10%, Please contact HIOKI for
connection cord)
Operating Time
Dimensions and
10 VA (using 12 V battery, while charging Battery Pack 9780)
30 VA (using AC Adapter, while charging Battery Pack 9780)
Approx. 2.5 hours (with Battery Pack Model 9780)
Charging time: Approx. 200 minutes (@5°C to 30°C ambient)
Approx. 176 mm (6.93 in) W × 101 mm (3.98 in) H × 41 mm (1.61
in) D, 550 g (19.4 oz) (HiLOGGER only)
Instruction Manual × 1, Measurement Guide × 1, Application
Disk (Logger Utility program) × 1, USB cable × 1, AC Adapter
9786 × 1, Shoulder Strap × 1, Protection Sheet 9809 × 1
Trigger functions
All analog and pulse channels P1 to P4, external trigger, logical
(selectable for each channel) sum (OR) and product (AND) of each trigger source
Criteria: Short-circuit between external trigger input and
ground, or voltage input (H-L transition from [3.0 – 5 V] to [0 – 0.8 V])
External Trigger Pulse width: At least 1 ms (H), and 2 µs (L)
Input limits: -2 to 7 V DC
Start, Stop and Start/Stop (different trigger criteria can be set to start and stop)
Trigger Timing
Trigger Source
Trigger Types
(Analog, Pulse)
Level: Triggers when rising or falling through preset threshold.
Window: Triggers when entering or exiting range defined by
preset upper and lower thresholds.
Analog: 0.025% f.s. (f.s. = 10 display divisions)
Level resolution Pulse: Totalization 1 count, Rotations 1/n [r.s] (n: pulses per rotation)
Pre-trigger: records for a specified period before triggering; can
be set for real-time saving
Trigger output: open collector (active low, with voltage output, at least
10 ms pulse width, Voltage levels: 4.0 to 5.0 V (H) and 0 to 0.5 V (L), Max. sink
current: 5 mA DC, Max. applied voltage: 30 V DC)
Note: Setting is independent from the recording interval
(ON/OFF) Enable to repeat recording after the specified recording time
span has elapsed
Enable continuous recording ON (records until the Stop key is
Recording Time pressed), or disable to record for a specified time span (days,
hours, minutes and seconds)
Enable to record for a specified time span, or between specified
Timer Recording (ON/OFF)
start and stop times
(ON/OFF) Enable to save data to CF card
Waveform (stores data during real-time measurement)
Calculation (stores data when finished measuring)
Waveform + Calculation (stores data during real-time measurement,
and stores calculated values when finished measuring)
When Waveform or Waveform + Calculation is enabled:
Endless loop recording (new data overwrites the oldest data when the
Data Storage
CF card is full)
Divided Saving: Enable to save data at a specified interval (days, hours
and minutes)
Divided Saving: Specified Time (specify a time of day at which to start
saving data to files at a specified interval)
voltage output)
Voltage levels: 4.0 to 5.0 V (H) and 0 to 0.5 V (L),
Max. sink current: 5 mA DC, Max. applied voltage: 30 V DC
storage: 3.5 MWords (7 MB of two-byte data points, or fourData Recording Internal
byte pulse measurements)
External storage: Up to 2 GB (HIOKI CF cards only)
Note: All input channels are scanned at high speed during every recording
Settable Save/
Configure saving and reloading to and from CF card or internal
Ten types for internal memory, no limit for CF card
Calculations 1 to 4, may be simultaneous
Selections: average, peak, maximum and minimum values,
time-to-maximum and time-to-minimum
50Hz, 60 Hz, or OFF (digital filtering of high frequencies on analog
Channel Settings
Measurement parameters
Measurement parameters
Enable/disable measurement (ON/OFF), selectable waveform
Analog channels (10): Voltage (DC only), Temperature
(thermocouple only). Thermocouple types K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B
Pulse input channels (4): Count Integration or revolutions
Alarm output (1): Hold/not-hold, beeper enable/disable (ON/
OFF), Show/hide alarm waveform display (ON/OFF)
Range of Measurements Finest Resolution
100 mV f.s.
-100 mV to +100 mV
5 μV
1 V f.s.
-1 V to +1 V
50 μV
10 V f.s.
-10 V to +10 V
500 μV
20 V f.s.
-20 V to +20 V
1 mV
100 V f.s.
-60 V to +60 V
5 mV
1 V to 5 V
500 μV
1 − 5 V (Note)
Accuracy: ±0.1 % f.s. (Note: 1 - 5V range's f.s. = 10 V )
Range of Measurements Finest Resolution
2000 °C f.s.
-200 °C to 2000 °C
0.1 °C
Thermocouple ranges: (K) -200 °C to 1350 °C, (J) -200 °C to
Thermocouples: 1200 °C, (E) -200 °C to 1000 °C, (T) -200 °C to 400 °C, (N)
(K, J, E, T, N)
-200 °C to 1300 °C
Accuracy: ±2 °C
2000 °C f.s.
-200 °C to 2000 °C
0.1 °C
Thermocouples: Thermocouple ranges: (R) 0 °C to 1700 °C, (S) 0 °C to 1700
°C, (B) 400 °C to 1800 °C
(R, S, B)
Accuracy: ±4.5 °C (less than 400 °C), ±3°C (400 °C and above)
Internal [RJC] (internal reference junction compensation at 0 °C):
Measurement accuracy = (temp. measurement accuracy) + (RJC accuracy)
External [RJC] (using external junction compensation at 0 °C):
Other Functions Measurement accuracy = temp. measurement accuracy only
RJC accuracy: ±1 °C
Thermocouple burn-out detection: ON or OFF
Measurement parameters
Range of Measurements Finest Resolution
1,000 M (count) f.s. 0 to 1,000 M (count)
1 (count)
Instantaneous value: instantaneous value during each recording period
5,000/n (r/s) f.s.
0 to 5,000/n (r/s)
1/n (r/s)
Pulse (Rotations) Settable pulses per rotation: 1 to 1,000 ("n" above is the number of
sensor output pulses per rotation)
Slope Setting
↑ (count of L-to-H pulse transitions), ↓ (count of H-to-L pulse transitions)
by position, or by upper/lower display limit values
Displayed Range Specified
(Upper/lower limit values only at Totalization mode)
Common Channel Settings
Decimal (display decimal values), Exponential (display base-10
exponents), or Off
Method: Ratio (set by slope and intercept), or 2-point (set by input/
output values at two points)
Other Common Enter comments for each channel, set start/stop triggers and
Channel Settings alarm criteria
Options in Detail
(English model)
Supplied Accessories: Instruction Manual × 1, Measurement Guide ×
1, Application Disk (Logger Utility program) × 1, USB cable × 1, AC
Adapter 9786 × 1, Shoulder Strap × 1, Protection Sheet 9809 × 1
Removable storage (CF card)
Battery Pack
Supplied with PC
Card adapter
PC CARD 2G 9830
(2 GB capacity)
PC Card Precaution
Use only PC Cards sold by HIOKI.
Compatibility and performance
are not guaranteed for PC cards
made by other manufacturers. You
may be unable to read from or save
data to such cards.
PC CARD 1G 9729
(1 GB capacity)
Charges while installed in
PC CARD 512M 9728
(512 MB capacity)
NiMH, Charges while installed
PC CARD 256M 9727
Includes space for small items, Neoprene
(256 MB capacity)
Input cables
Includes compartment for options, Resin
Supplied Accessories
For LCD protection, pairs of additional
sheets can be purchased separately.
For pulse inputs, 1.5 m (4.92 ft) length
100 to 240 V AC
Related Products
30 isolated analog input channels
With built-in VOLTAGE/TEMP UNIT × 2
30 isolated analog input channels
30 isolated analog input channels
With built-in UNIVERSAL UNIT × 2 model
With built-in UNIVERSAL UNIT × 1,
15 to 120 isolated analog channels, with up to
600-channel systems available
Isolated pulse input and alarm output, LAN/USB support,
for measuring with a PC
Dual-channel (isolated) high-speed
Measures (at 1 MS/s) and displays instantaneous AC
waveforms up to 280 V
External dimensions are the same as Model 8430-20
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