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Si5335 Clock Generator Datasheet v1.0 Availability
Phil Callahan,
Phone: (512) 532-5853
Timing Products
Kathy Haggar
Phone: (512) 532-5261
Timing Products Marketing
Sales Operations
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The Si5335 Clock Generator datasheet v1.0 is now available. This update applies to the entire Si5335
family of customizable clock generators, including all IC part numbers beginning with the Si5335 base
part number.
The v1.0 datasheet includes a minor update to the jitter specifications, as noted in the datasheet
revision history:
• Expanded jitter specification on Table 9 on page 12: DSL random jitter from 2.1 ps RMS (typ) to
1.95 ps RMS (typ) and from "—" (max) to 2.2 ps RMS (max).
• Corrected text in Section 9.2 “Synchronous Frequency Translation” to properly match the
capabilities of the ClockBuilder web utility.
Product Identification:
• All IC part numbers beginning with “Si5335”.
• Examples of factory programmed part numbers, where “xxxxx” is a series of numbers from
00000 to 99999:
o Si5335A-Axxxxx-GM
o Si5335B-Axxxxx-GM
o Si5335C-Axxxxx-GM
o Si5335D-Axxxxx-GM.
Customer Actions Needed:
• Download and begin using the v1.0 datasheet.
• Go to www.silabs.com/Timing and enter for “Si5335 datasheet” in the search menu.
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