BTS730 Product Brief

Product Brief
Performance BTS 730
Smart High-Side Power Switch for Interior Lighting One Channel 70mΩ
The BTS730 is a one channel high-side power switch inPG-DSO-20 power package providing embedded protection functions. The device is monolithically
integrated in Smart SIPMOS technology.
The power transistor is built by N-channel-planar power MOSFET. The inputs are
ground referenced CMOS compatible.
„„ Dimmer switch for dashboard lighting and dome lighting
„„ Device allows continuous power control of:
-Capacitive loads such as lamps
-Resistive loads such as LEDs
-Fits for automotive applications in the temperature range of -30°C to 150°C.
Key benefits:
„„ Self-generated PWM
„„ Externally adjustable PWM
„„ Slow slew rate of 0,02 to 0,12 V/s
Basic functions:
„„ Low standby current
„„ Automatic run generation
„„ Improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
„„ Stable behaviour at undervoltage
„„ Logic ground independent from load
„„ Wide operating voltage range
Protection functions:
„„ Short circuit protection
„„ Overload protection
„„ Current limitation
„„ Load dump protection
„„ Overtemperature protection
„„ Undervoltage and Overvoltage
„„ Loss of ground protection
„„ Reverse battery protection
„„ Electrostatic discharge protection
Product Brief
Smart High-Side Power Switch for Interior Lighting One Channel 70mΩ
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