NXP magnetoresistive sensors KMZ49, X3G-OH04x and X3T-OH04x

NXP magnetoresistive
sensors KMZ49, X3G-OH04x
& X3T-OH04x
Precise angular measurements with
AMR sensors in SO8 or bare die
These advanced sensors help realize the future of green cars. They help reduce emissions, increase
vehicle stability, and add driver-independent control functions.
Key features
`` Accurate and reliable angle measurement
`` Mechanical robustness, with contactless principle
`` Wear-free operation
`` Accuracy independent of mechanical tolerances
`` Extended temperature range up to 150 °C
`` Automotive qualification according AEC-Q101
`` Reflow capable due to MSL1
Key benefits
`` Steering angle and torsion
`` Headlight adjustment
`` Motor positioning
`` Window wipers
`` Fuel level
`` Mirror positioning
`` General angle measurement
Available in an SO8 package or as bare die, these `
high-performance anisotropic sensors help designers `
of automotive and industrial applications enhance
performance while increasing efficiency, and thereby support
the worldwide commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.
The KMZ49 is available in a space-saving SO8 package, while
the X3G-OH048, X3T-OH048, X3G-OH047, and X3T-OH047
are available as bare-die solutions. The KMZ49, X3G-OH048,
and X3T-OH048 each contain eight AMR resistors, connected
as two individual Wheatstone bridges aligned at 45°. `
The X3G-OH047 and X3T-OH047 double this configuration,
with two single-die AMR arrangements each.
All of the sensors employ the magnetoresistive effect of `
thin-film permalloy. A rotating magnetic field in the surface
parallel to the chip (x-y plane) delivers two independent
sinusoidal output signals, one following a cos(2α) function
and the other following a sin(2α) function, where α is the angle
between the sensor and the field direction.
Accurate, reliable performance make all of these sensors
suited for applications that require high-precision angle
measurements under low field conditions (saturation field
strength 25 kA/m).
KMZ49 block diagram
Operating characteristics for KMZ49
and bare-die solutions*
Maximum supply voltage
Number of outputs
4x analog (differential)
Operating temperature
-40 °C to +150 °C
Maximum offset voltage
± 2 mV/V
Maximum offset voltage temperature coefficient
± 2 µV/V/K
Typical angular inaccuracy
Maximum angular inaccuracy
KMZ49 assembly example
General angle measurement
*Values subject to change
Order information for bare-die solutions
Order number
Die type
Sawn wafer on foil
Sawn wafer on foil
Taped on reel
Taped on reel
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