UT6325 Design Tools (7/07)

Aeroflex supports use of the following design tools for UT6325 FPGA
1.) PC Operating System
a. Windows 2000
b. Windows XP
2.) Design Synthesis
a. Mentor Precision Synthesis
i. Rev. 2006a1_18
b. Synplify Synplify Pro
i. Rev. 8.6.2
3.) QuickWorks / SpDE / Arxx Library support
a. Rev 9.8.2
b. Rev 9.8.3
c. Rev 9.8.4
4.) QuickWorks power analysis for UT6325
a. In development. Preliminary release available for SpDE 9.8.4
5.) Simulation
a. Aldec Active-HDL
i. Rev 6.3
ii. Rev 7.2
b. Mentor ModelSim
i. Rev. 6.2a
6.) Programming : System General
a. Rev 1.32g
All software may be downloaded from the Aeroflex ftp site: