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SK-TC176x Family Starter Kit
MCU Derivates:
(The Family Starter Kit is equipped with the SAK-TC1766-192F80HL as superset for the TC176x family)
CPU Clock: 80 MHz
On-Chip Memory:
- 1.5 MByte embedded program flash with ECC,
- 32 KByte data flash for scalable EEPROM emulation,
- 76 KByte on-chip SRAM,
- 8 KByte instruction cache.
- DB9 for RS232-0,
- BERG10 for RS232-1,
- two BERG10 for CAN-0/1 with Transceiver,
- BERG16 for OCDS1,
- SAMTEC QSH-030-01-F-D-A for OCDS2,
- DB25 On Board Wiggler for OCDS1,
- four 80-pin connectors (male) with all I/O signals,
- four 80-pin connectors (female) with all I/O signals.
- Technical Documentation: e.g. User manuals (System Unit and Peripheral unit), Architecture manual (pdf-version),
- Evaluation Versions of Development Tools: e.g. Compiler, Debugger, Operating System from Tool Partners,
- parallel cable,
- Extension Board,
- Starter Kit Manual, last Version 1.0.
Order Nr.: B158-H8539-G2-X-7600
Price*: 400,- EUR
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