SK-XC161 Starter Kit
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SK-XC161 Starter Kit
MCU Derivates: SAK-XC161CJ-16FF
CPU Clock: 40 MHz
On-Chip Memory:
8 kByte SRAM,
128 kByte FLASH
On-Boards Memory:
2 x 512kB SRAM (+ optional: 2 x up to 1 MB Flash)
- SUB-D9 connector for ASC0 Interface via RS 232 port
- 10pin header (2x5) for ASC1 Interface (second RS 232 port)
- Sub-D25 connector (on-board wiggler) and 16-pin header for JTAG interface
- 10pin header (2x5) for J1850 Interface
- Two 10pin (2x5) Headers connected to the TwinCAN Module
- Six additional connectors (bus expansion, ADC/GPIO, peripherals and CAPCOM unit)
- Technical Documentation: allgemein: e.g. User manuals for the System and Peripheral units, Architecture manual,
Application notes, Errata sheets, Data Sheets, Board Documentation (pdf-version),
- Low Level Driver Software (LLD),
- Evaluation Versions of Development Tools: e.g. Compiler, Debugger, Operating System from Tool Partners and DAvE
Derivative Implementation Files (DIP), MemTool (Flash Programming Tool),
- Training Documentation, Demo Programs, Hands On Training (HOT),
- parallel cable,
- Starter Kit Manual.
Order Nr.: B158-H8048-X-X-7600