INFINEON B158-H8548-X-0

SK-XC866 Starter Kit
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SK-XC866 Starter Kit
MCU Derivates: SAK-XC866
CPU Clock: 26,67 MHz
On-Chip Memory:
- 768 Byte RAM,
- 16 kByte Flash (incl. up to 4kByte data flash)
- RS232 via SUBD9 female,
- LIN via Header,
- JTAG via Header,
- Motor control connector via Header,
- SBC-board connector via Header.
- Cables and U-Link (Keil starterkit) / Tantino Eco (Hitex starterkit),
- Technical Dokumentation:e.g. user manuals (CD),
- Free unlimited assembly debugger with Hitex starterkit,
- Evaluation Versions of development Tools: e.g. Compiler, Debugger, DAvE(CD).
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Order Nr.: B158-H8548-X-0-7600 SK XC866 Starterkit with Infineon USB box