DCB Series with NTI Technology Datasheet

Surge Protection
For Business-Critical ContinuityTM
Edco DCB Series
DC Power Protection for Critical Equipment
DC powered equipment is susceptible to transient events that may pass from the AC, Telco, or Coax
services to the equipment directly or through other equipment. Harmful transients found in all
power services can cause costly damage and downtime of vital DC powered equipment.
In response to this problem, the Edco DCB Series for state-of-the-art surge protection was
created to fit various application needs. The Edco DCB Series is available in 24 or 48 VDC
configurations, and mounts to an equipment chassis. Its compact size makes the Edco DCB Series
easy to install, even in the tightest spaces.
Alone, or as part of your overall power protection strategy, the Edco DCB Series protects and provides unparalleled
performance in power protection for critical equipment.
Bipolar Silicon Avalanche Diode technology
provides fast, nondegrading protection
Metal Oxide Varistors provide a “second stage”
of power protection
Ideal protection for radios, channel banks,
rectifiers, inverters, converters and various
other DC powered equipment
General Technical Specifications
Compact module designed to fit tight spaces
where DC power protection is needed
Performance Technical Specifications
5.2W x 2.8H x 2D inches; 13.2W x 7.1H x 5.1D cm
5.25W x 3.1H x 2.4D inches; 13.4W x 7.8H x 6.1D cm
0.75 lb; .033 kg
-40°C to +60°C
Operating Temperature
24 Vdc
48 Vdc
Nominal Clamp Voltage
31 Vpk
83 Vpk
Suppression Modes
Surge Clamp Level
(3000 amp, 8/20ms)
Energy Rating
Maximum Current
Pulse Rating (8/20µs)
AC Power
DC Power
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63 Vpk
120 Vpk
SAD-90 J
MOV-160 J
SAD-80 J
MOV-304 J
17,000 A
52,500 A
Maximum Continuous
Service Amperage
150 A
150 A
Response Time
≤ 5 ns
≤ 5 ns
Green LED
Green LED
Standard Lug (S)
Mini Lug (M)
Standard Lug (S)
Mini Lug (M)
Lugs: S Model
Lugs: M Model
2 In; 2 Out
(4) 14-2/0 AWG
(4) 14-2 AWG
2 In; 2 Out
(4) 14-2/0 AWG
(4) 14-2 AWG
Visual Indicators:
Suppression Alert
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