Edco TCS-HW Series Datasheet

Surge Protection
For Business-Critical ContinuityTM
TCS-HW Series
Point-of-Application Protection
Utilizing bipolar Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology, the TCS-HW Series features
a two-stage design that provides superior protection for sensitive equipment and for
ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Location Category A applications. The TCS-HW Series can be incorporated
into larger power protection or used as point-of-application protection. Hardwired into a
single 15 or 20 amp AC circuit, the TCS-HW Series places protection at, or near, the critical
load. The field-tested design ensures continuous protection in the most demanding
environments, with configurations available for 120 and 240 VAC, single-phase applications.
Provides superior, nondegrading protection
using bipolar SAD technology
Provides independent secondary stage for
maximum continued protection
Includes remote status indication via RJ-11 jack
Protects individual circuits
Withstands demanding environments with its
rugged metal enclosure
Installs easily
CE listed
General Technical Specifications
Performance Technical Specifications
Enclosure Dimensions
(not including tabs)
Enclosure Type
Primary Technology
ANSI/IEEE c62.41-1991
Location Category
Line Configuration
Operating Temperature
Operating Frequency
Response Time
EM/RFI Noise Attenuation
Remote Failure Indication
Agency Approvals
Part Number
Nominal Line Voltage
Max. Continuous Line Voltage
Nominal Clamping Voltage †
Protection Modes
4H x 4H x 2.5D in., 10H x 10W x 6D cm
1.24 lb; 562 grams
Extruded Aluminum
Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD)
Category A22.2
1 Phase, 2 wire & ground
-40°C to +50°C
50/60 HZ
< 5 ns
-13dB maximum, 150 kHz-200 MHz
RJ-11 Jack/Form C Dry Contact
CUL 22.2, CE
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Business-Critical ContinuityTM.
AC Power
DC Power
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Peak Pulse Energy Dissipation
Max. Transient Current (8/20m)
240 V
264 Vrms
424 Vpk
L-N: 560 J
L-G: 140 J
N-G: 140 J
L-N: 32 kA
L-G: 8 kA
N-G: 8 kA
120 V
132 Vrms
216 Vpk
L-N: 300 J
L-G: 75 J
N-G: 75 J
L-N: 32 kA
L-G: 8 kA
N-G: 8 kA
† Clamping voltage reflects ANS/IEEE C62.41-1991 Wave Shape Testing with
100 kHz ringwave 6 kV 200 A as parameters for static and dynamic testing.
Embedded Computing
Embedded Power
Outside Plant
Power Switching & Control
Precision Cooling
Racks and Integrated Cabinets
Surge Protection
Surge Protection
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