NXP digital satellite tuner
IC CX24113A
Highly integrated, worldwide satellite
silicon tuner
The CX24113A is NXP’s third generation direct down-conversion satellite tuner RF IC intended for
operator-based digital satellite networks and free-to-air systems.
Key features
Ñ Single-chip RF-to-baseband satellite receiver
Ñ Zero-IF architecture eliminates the need for image reject
Ñ Variable baseband filters for optimal interference rejection
Ñ Auto-tuning machine eliminates the need for software
Ñ Very low power consumption
Ñ Small (6 mm x 6 mm) footprint
Ñ Lead-free package
Ñ DSS/DVB set-top boxes
Ñ Digital VCR (DVR)
Ñ Commercial digital video, audio, and data receivers
The CX24113A is a highly integrated satellite tuner solution
that incorporates an advanced Fractional-N synthesizer, I2C
serial interface, a fully integrated local oscillator, and variable
baseband filters. The device has an improved power supply
rejection ratio (PSRR), requires a single +3.3V supply, and
features very low power consumption.
The CX24113A has a built-in auto-tuning machine that
eliminates the need for software calibration and accelerates
the calibration time. The on-chip fractional synthesizer enables
fine frequency step size without adversely affecting lock time.
The CX24113 does not require a balun, thus reducing external
bill of materials (BOM) cost. Its highly integrated design saves
valuable board space and simplifies RF layout.
CX24113A features
Ñ RF input: 925–2175 MHz
Ñ Input power range: -20 to -90 dBm
Ñ Symbol rate: 1–45 MSps
Ñ Noise figure: 10 dB, typical
Ñ Input IP3 at minimum gain: 10 dBm, typical
Ñ Baseband filter bandwidth: 3–40 MHz
Ñ Output voltage: 0.5 Vp-p @ RL > 1 k_
Ñ Operating temperature: 0–85º C
Ñ Package type: 36-pin, Pb-free, QFN
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telephone lines.
Variable Low
Amplifier Pass Filter
I Channel
Variable Low
Amplifier Pass Filter
Q Channel
PLL Dividers, Phase Detector
and Charge Pump
to Demod
and Control
CX24113 Block Diagram
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