Field measuring instruments
Friendly DMM
The 3245 SOLAR HiTESTER digital
multimeter has been developed
with an emphasis on ecological
considerations and safe design.
The photovoltaic cell charges
the lithium-ion main battery,
which exhibits superb charging
and discharging characteristics.
Should the main battery charge
become depleted, the hybrid power
system automatically switches operation to
the backup battery. So ecological considerations
are satisfied without any of the typical inconveniences
usually associated with solar-powered systems.
Also, despite its vest-pocket size, the design
conforms to CAT III (600V) and CAT IV(300V)
safety standards for use on power lines. This newstyle DMM has significant safety features and
remarkably improved operability over previous
Ecological and Safety Considerations
Despite the compact size and low price, it satisfies
CATIII (600V) and CATIV (300V) safety standards
Hybrid power system incorporates both a
solar-charged main battery and a backup
The backup battery is used only when the main battery (charged by
the solar cell) is discharged, until it is recharged by the solar cell and
switched back into operation by the hybrid power system, resulting in
both environmental friendliness and convenience.
Vest-pocket sized CATIII (600V) and CATIV
(300V) conformance
Measuring only 60 (2.4") × 145 (5.7") × 23
(0.9") mm and weighing only 140 grams
(4.9 oz), it fits easily in a pocket. Yet even at
this size, the design satisfies CAT III (600V)
and CAT IV (300V) safety standards for
industrial power line measurements.
Automatic power saving (after 30 minutes), auto and manual
range selection and a display-hold function are included.
■ 3245 Specifications (accuracy at 23˚C±5˚C (73.4˚F±9˚F) and 80% rh or less)
4.200 V
42.00 V
420.0 V
600 V
±2.3%rdg. ±8dgt.
(50 to 500 Hz)
(input impedance)
11 MΩ±5%
10 MΩ±5%
10 MΩ±5%
10 MΩ±5%
420.0 mV
4.200 V
42.00 V
420.0 V
600 V
±1.3%rdg. ±4dgt.
Above 100 MΩ
11 MΩ±5%
10 MΩ±5%
10 MΩ±5%
10 MΩ±5%
420.0 Ω
4.200 kΩ
42.00 kΩ
420.0 kΩ
4.200 MΩ
42.00 MΩ
±2.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
±2.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
±2.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
±2.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
±5.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
±10.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
420.0 Ω
±2.0%rdg. ±4dgt.
An illumination level display of 1000 corresponds to about
50,000 lux, allowing approximate charging and usage time
Neat test probe storage on the back of
the unit
As an improvement over former models,
the test probe was separated for easier
storage and removal from the rear door that
opens 180˚, minimized projections around
the storage area.
Test probe attachment
Advanced functionality
Illumination measurement function
(open circuit voltage)
less than 3.4 V
about 0.7 V
about 0.5 V
about 0.5 V
about 0.5 V
about 0.5 V
open circuit voltage less
than 3.4 V
Threshold: < 50 ±30 Ω
“1000” equates to approx.
50,000 lx
The test probe can be attached to
the unit for convenient two-handed
measurements at the test site.
●Measurement system: double integration ●AC measurement
system: average value rectification ●Display: LCD with maximum
4199 counts ●Range selection: auto and manual ●Sampling rate:
2.5 samples/s ●Battery condition indicators: Main battery warning
(battery icon lights - within guaranteed accuracy range); Backup battery
warning (battery icon blinks - out of guaranteed accuracy range)
●Operating temperature and humidity range: 0 to 40˚C (32 to 104˚F)
at 80% rh or less (non-condensating) ●Storage temperature and
humidity range: -20 to 50˚C (-4 to 122˚F), 70% rh or less (non-condensating)
●Environmental condition: indoors, up to 2000m altitude
●Temperature characteristic: (measurement accuracy) × 0.1 / ˚C
(× 0.06 / ˚F) ●Noise elimination (50/60 Hz): NNMR; VDC 40 dB or
better, CMRR; VDC 100 dB or better, VAC 60 dB or better
●Power supply: Lithium-ion main battery, and one CR2032 (3V) backup battery
●Charging and operating time characteristics: charges in about
3h with 50,000 lux, providing about 8h operation (measuring VDC)
●Backup battery life: 150h (measuring VDC) ●Power consumption:
4.0 mVA (measuring VDC), 0.15 mVA (auto power save) ●Maximum
rated power: 15 mVA (short-circuit continuity test) ●Insulation
withstand voltage: 5550 Vrms AC sin (50/60 Hz, for 1 min.) between
input terminals and case ●Dimensions and mass: 60 (2.4") W ×
135 (5.7") H × 23 (0.9") D mm, 140 g (4.9 oz) ●Supplied accessories:
carrying case (1) ●Safety standards: [Safety]: EN61010-1:2001,
EN61010-031:2002 pollution factor 2, Measurement category CATIII
600V, CATIV 300V (anticipated transient overvoltage 6 KV),
[EMC]: EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001
Maximum input voltage: 600 Vrms AC/DC, or 3 × 106 V-Hz
(Test lead and carrying case included)
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All information correct as of Feb. 17, 2006. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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