NI NI5402

40 and 20 MHz Arbitrary Function Generators
NI 5406, NI 5402
• Phase-continuous frequency hopping
and frequency sweeps
• 400 MS/s effective sample rate
with interpolation
• .355 µHz frequency resolution
• <±0.4 dB passband flatness across
bandwidth for sine waveforms
• NI-TClk technology for timing
and synchronization
• Built-in sine, square, triangle, noise
ramp up, ramp down, and DC
offset functions
• 32 kB memory for arbitrary
waveform generation
• 10 Vpp into 50 Ω
• Low-jitter square wave and
SYNC (TTL) output
NI 5406
• 40 MHz sine and square wave generation
• 5 MHz ramp and triangle wave generation
• 16-bit resolution
NI 5402
• 20 MHz sine and square wave generation
• 1 MHz ramp and triangle wave generation
• 14-bit resolution
Operating Systems
• Windows XP/2000
• LabVIEW Real-Time
Recommended Software
LabWindows /CVI
Measurement Studio
LabVIEW SignalExpress
Other Compatible Software
• Visual Basic
• ANSI C/C++
Driver Software (included)
• FGEN Soft Front Panel
Calibration Certificate Available
Frequency Hops and Sweeps
NI 5406 and NI 5402 devices are 100 MS/s, 40 and 20 MHz arbitrary
function generators (AFGs) that feature up to 16 bits of resolution and
32 kB of onboard memory for arbitrary function generation in a compact,
1-slot 3U PXI module or PCI board. Using these devices, you can combine
the power of a stand-alone function generator with the flexibility and
benefits of your computer to create highly capable virtual instrumentation
solutions. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) is used to precisely generate
waveforms that are repetitive in nature, including sine, square, triangle,
ramp, noise, and DC waveforms.
The function generator uses DDS, which is a technique for deriving, under
digital control, an analog frequency source from a single reference clock
frequency. This technique is used to achieve high-frequency accuracy and
resolution; temperature stability; and rapid, phase-continuous frequency
switching. All frequency sweeping and hopping is phase-continuous,
and you can generate a burst of several tones. Frequency sweeping and
hopping is implemented through a frequency list of steps, each of which
defines frequency and duration. Complex frequency lists can be
instructed with 32 MS/s of available instruction memory.
Analog Output Performance
Timing and Synchronization
These devices feature unparalleled analog output performance in PXI
and PCI. The analog output path features a 7-pole elliptical analog filter
to suppress high-frequency signal images. Depending on your signal and
application needs, you can select up to a 4X digital interpolation for an
effective sampling rate up to 400 MS/s. Additionally, the analog output has
a passband flatness of ±0.4 dB across the bandwidth for sine generation.
Using NI-TClk synchronization technology, you can synchronize multiple
NI signal generators for applications requiring a greater number of
channels. Because it is built into the Synchronization and Memory Core
(SMC), NI-TClk can synchronize NI signal generators with SMC-based
high-speed digitizers and digital waveform generator/analyzers for
tight correlation of analog and digital stimulus and response. Using
onboard calibration measurements and compensation, NI-TClk can
40 and 20 MHz Arbitrary Function Generators
automatically synchronize any combination of SMC-based modules
with less than 500 psrms module-to-module skew. Greatly improved
from traditional synchronization methods, the skew between
modules does not increase as the number of modules increases.
To achieve even better performance, you can use a high-bandwidth
oscilloscope to precisely measure the module-to-module skew. Using
the oscilloscope measurement for calibration information, NI-TClk can
achieve <-20 psrms module-to-module skew.
Every NI 5406 and NI 5402 device is factory calibrated using
NIST-traceable standards. NI 5406 and NI 5402 devices have onboard
calibration references that correct for environmental effects on DC gain,
offset, and timing errors. If you want to calibrate your device externally,
return your NI 5406 or NI 5402 devices to National Instruments or ship
them to a qualified metrology lab for recalibration.
Every National Instruments signal generator comes with the
IVI-compliant NI-FGEN driver, which is fully compatible with NI LabVIEW,
LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW SignalExpress, and Measurement Studio, as
well as Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic. NI-FGEN also includes the
interactive FGEN Soft Front Panel, with which you can quickly generate
standard signals such as sine, square, and ramp, as well as user-defined
waveforms. You can generate waveforms with control of frequency,
amplitude, and DC offset as well as phase-continuous frequency hopping
and sweeping. Simulation mode is available in both the FGEN Soft Front
Panel and the NI-FGEN instrument driver, so you can develop your
application without having the hardware in your system. In this mode,
several developers can write applications for the same hardware and
share resources.
Ordering Information
NI PCI-5406............................................................................779658-01
NI PCI-5402............................................................................779656-01
NI PXI-5406............................................................................779657-01
NI PXI-5402............................................................................779655-01
Includes the NI 540x hardware, NI-FGEN, and FGEN Soft Front Panel.
Calibration certificate available.
Recommended PXI Switch
NI PXI-2593............................................................................778793-01
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Hardware Services
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