Product Brief
9 Channel Advanced Command Driven RGB/White LED Driver
1 General Description
2 Key Features
High efficiency capacitive 150mA charge pump with
1:1, 1:1.5 and 1:2 modes with automatic mode
switching; 1:2 mode can be disabled
9 Channel High Side 20mA Current sources
- Less than 50mV at 10mA dropout voltage
- LED7,8,9 either powered by VBAT or VCP
Advanced Command based Pattern Generator
- 96 x 16 bits program memory
- Dedicated lighting commands like logarithmic fade
- Programming control and conditional jumps
Audio Controlled Lighting with internal digital filters
3 Sequencers
- Dynamically mapped to 9 PWM generators
- Internal/External Synchronization
9 PWM generators (12 bit resolution)
- Automatic RGB Color Correction by TAMB
I C interface with dedicated EN pin
Available in WL-CSP-25 (2.5x2.5mm) 0.5mm pitch
The AS3665 is a capacitive low noise charge pump with
9 current sources. The charge pump automatically
switches between 1:1 and 1:1.5 modes. The connected
current sources have a very low voltage compliance to
improve efficiency of the whole system. Three current
sources have the possibility to operate either from VBAT
or VCP (especially useful for red LEDs).
The internal control is done by command based pattern
generators implemented by three sequencers. These
commands are optimized for lighting applications (e.g.
ramp up brightness logarithmically). It includes high
level commands like conditionals jumps and variables.
Any of the three sequencers can be dynamically
mapped to any of the 9 PWM generators for the LEDs.
The AS3665 supports an audio input and sophisticated
light patterns can be controlled by internal digital filters.
The AS3665 is controlled by I C mode. Synchronization
over several AS3665 is possible by the TRIG pin.
The AS3665 is available in a space-saving WL-CSP-25
(2.5x2.5mm) 0.5mm pitch and operates over the -30ºC
to +85ºC temperature range.
3 Applications
RGB/White Fun or Event LED for mobile phones or portable devices; Lighting Management Unit
Figure 1. Typical Operating Circuit
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Product Brief
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