Power Couplers
VWP1185 / 86
ƒ Frequency:
748 MHz
ƒ Peak Power:
1000 kW
ƒ Average Power:
1000 kW
ƒ Cooling:
Water, Helium
The VWP1185 and the VWP1186 Fundamental Power Couplers are designed for a high-current
Free Electron Laser Injector. The VWP1185 / 86 couplers were designed by Advanced Energy
Systems, Inc. The 1 MW cw requirement is met with a BeO ceramic window. The vacuum side
of the ceramic is coated with TiN to suppress multipactor. RF-conducting surfaces are
electroplated with high RRR copper. The couplers will be qualified at the Thomas Jefferson
National Accelerator Facility in 2007.
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