EXTECH 345104

Digital Viscotesters
Battery operated viscosity meter, one button operation,
choice of High or Low range model
With Direct readings on large digital display
• Measuring range:
Model 345055 Low range - 1.5 to 330mPa-s (1.5 to 330cP)
Model 345060 High range - 0.3 to 4000dPa-s (30 to 400,000cP)
• Accurate to 5% of reading
• One button turns the motor on and selects the rotor
• Use as handheld or with optional lab stand with base
• Sample temperature to 300°F (150°C)
• Fast, accurate determination of fluid viscosity
• Popular for fluids with viscosity ranging from castor oil or honey to tar
• Ideal for adhesives, paint, oils and fats, inks, pulp, rubber,
foods, petroleum products, and cosmetics
• Dimensions: 7x6.7x3.5" (177.8x165.1x88.9mm)
Weight: 1.72lbs (0.78kg)
• Complete with three interchangeable rotors,
one sample cup, case, stand, and four AA batteries
Optional lab stand with base clip.
Complete Kit includes rotors, cups, holder for lab
stand, and case.
Ordering Information:
345055 ..................Digital Viscotester (Low range 1.5 to 330cP)
345060 ..................Digital Viscotester (High range 30 to 400,000cP)
345104 ..................Lab Stand with base clamp
Specifications subject to change without notice.
10/13/08 - R1
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