MRV OPN1600-8S2

WDM & Optical Transport
LambdaDriver® – Ethernet Switching Module (OPN800/1600-8C2)
Redundancy protection with 50 ms recovery time
H-QoS according to MEF 14 Traffic Management conformance
Ethernet Service OAM to guarantee SLAs
Multi-purpose customer & network interfaces at lower TCO
IPv6 future proof (hardware incorporated)
10Gbps LAN/WAN XFP ports
Micro-PoP Services
Business Ethernet Services
Intra-provider and Inter-provider WAN
The LambdaDriver® OPN800/1600-8C2, the first Optical Packet
blade, combines packet switching with optical transport for
carriers migrating to transport optical packet networks (OPN).
The MRV’s LambdaDriver® Optical Packet Transport solution is
the industry first OPN solution to support both ROADM (OOO)
and Optical Electronic Optical (OEO) crossconnect functionalities
in the same solution, integrated with unique service enabling
that ranges from T1 up to 40G in the same wavelength switching
chassis platform. The solution supports simultaneously TDM
transport as well Metro-Ethernet-connection-oriented packet
and traffic management and enables carriers smooth migration
from SONET/SDH towards Metro Ethernet Optical Transport
The LambdaDriver® OPN800/1600-8C2 enables end-to-end
optical & packet transport with sub 50ms recovery time, and
its high availability allows for the highest reliability required to
support carrier transport services.
To provide enhanced OAM and end-to-end Packet Optical service
management capabilities, the LambdaDriver OPN800/16008C2 solution incorporates unique integration of MPLS packets
Provider bridging or MPLS L2 VPN
and GMPLS Optical transport control plan with carrier Ethernet
802.3AG and ITU-T Y.1731 matching the best Packet and DWDM
The OPN800/1600-8C2 module incorporates 8 x 10/100/1000
Ethernet ports equipped with RJ-45 connectors and 2 x 10Gbps
XFP based ports.
In addition, a 10/100 Ethernet port is provided on the front panel
for out-of-band / local management.
Global and per-port Link and Activity status-indicator LEDs are
The Ethernet 10/100Base-TX interface is directly connected to
the CPU and is not affected by in-band traffic. As an IP interface,
it is used only for connecting a management LAN. Management
stations on the LAN can be used to manage the OPN1600-8C2
module out-of-band (using a TELNET, SSH, or SNMP connection
over Ethernet). Additionally, a TFTP client can be connected to the
out-of-band interface to access configuration files stored in the
OPN800/1600-8C2 module.
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WDM & Optical Transport
Traffic Management
The OPN800/1600-8C2 module supports full CoS and QoS (MEF
14 model) including flow classification, rate limiting, shaping, WFQ
scheduling, and strict priority scheduling.
For network convergence applications with a clear boundary
between the customer’s network and the carrier’s network, CoS
layers (802.1p, IP ToS & MPLS EXP bits) can be mapped/marked to
preserve priorities or mapped into protection profiles preset by the
Dynamic QoS provides for sharing/borrowing bandwidths
allocated for real-time or high priority applications at intervals,
when these services are on standby. This capability optimizes
bandwidth utilization at the access/demarcation point of the
network without the need for involving the aggregation layer for
this purpose.
Ethernet Loop-backs
The OPN800/1600-8C2 module offers remote loop-back
functionality on a physical interface or a specific VLAN that traverses
UNI or NNI interfaces. The loop-back function allows for remote
troubleshooting services, from NOC or any other manageable
location without having to physically visit the customer premises.
The Loop-back functionality is hardware controlled to provide
performance monitoring and SLA verification at wire speed.
Virtual Cable Diagnostics
The OPN800/1600-8C2 module’s Virtual Cable Diagnostics feature
enables the administrator to test electrical data cables attached
to its ports for a physical fault, to identify the fault type, and to
pinpoint its location.
Optical Performance Level Monitoring (Digital Diagnostics)
The digital diagnostics feature of the OPN800/1600-8C2 modules
XFPs (as per the standard SFF-8472) provides access to a number
of real-time operating parameters such as optical TX/RX power,
voltage and temperature, as well as component information, such
as vendor code, serial number, and wavelength.
The information provided using digital diagnostics, together with
alarm and warning thresholds, enables the network administrator
to identify potential problems in optical transmission and take
preemptive action before any service outage actually occurs.
Link Fault Reflection/Propagation
A fault detected at a network interface will be propagated to the
user interface and will trigger a “link down” state on it. This feature
enables the user’s network to re-converge to an alternative path
when necessary. The feature is configurable and operates on LOS
Sniffer VLAN
Enables the operator to define a “Sniffer” function that captures
data and forwards it to a defined VLAN for analysis. The sniffing can
be set for specific VLANs,
Layer 2-3-4 fields in a packet, MAC addresses etc. and conforms to
the requirements of Law Enforcement Monitoring.
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Relative Humidity
Dimensions (W x H x D)
-5 to 45o C
-10 to 70o C
85% maximum, non-condensing
OCM1600: 26.93 mm (1.06 in) x 263.4 mm (10.37 in) x 227mm (8.956 in)
OCM800 : 54.18 mm (2.13 in) x 130.7 mm (5.145 in) x 227 mm (8.956 in)
OCM1600: 1.200 kg (2.64 lb)
OCM800 : 0.7 kg (1.5 lb)
8 fixed 10/100/1000Base-T ports
2x 10Gbps - XFP ports
Management: Ethernet 10/100Base - TX port for TELNET, SSH, and/or
SNMP out-of-band connection
Technical Specifications
Power consumption
28 Watt
on all ports
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slot module
8 x GE, SFO based and 2 x 10 XFP
ports Ethernet Switch module for LD1600, long
8 x 10/100/1000 Base Tx and 2 ������������
x XFP ports Ethernet Switch module for LD800, dual short
slot module
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