2K/ 4K/ 8K/ 16K/ 32K x 36 Synchronous FIFOs
ATM switches
Cable modems
Wireless base stations
SONET(Synchronous Optical Network)
Multimedia systems
TBC(Time Base Corrector)
Hard Disk cache memory
Buffer for Communications
The AL4CX3650/ 3660/ 3670/ 3680/ 3690
FIFO (First In First Out) memory provides
completely independent 36-bit bus width
input and output port operation with flexible
x36/ x18/ x9 Bus-Matching data flow
control at a maximum speed of 166 MHz.
The products are available in densities from
64K-bit to 1M-bit with word depths from
2K to 32K bit. Additional features of the
AL4CX36x0 series include: fixed and
programmable flags; low first word latency;
partial reset; Endian select; expandable
depth/width and optional first-word-fallthrough. The AL4CX36x0 FIFO memory is
AverLogic Technologies, latest products that
is designed to buffer high-speed data for a
wide range of application such as optical
storage controllers, Networking Switches
and various communication applications.
High performance, low-power, FIFO(FirstIn First-Out) memory
2K x36 bit I/O port (AL4CX3650)
4K x36 bit I/O port (AL4CX3660)
8K x36 bit I/O port (AL4CX3670)
16K x36 bit I/O port (AL4CX3680)
32K x36 bit I/O port (AL4CX3690)
Maximum 166MHz operation
Bus-Matching and Endian selection
Fully independent input/output port access
Empty, Full, Half Full and programmable
Almost Empty, Almost Full flags
Output enable control (data skipping)
Partial Reset clears data
Zero latency Retransmit
Cascadable expansion in depth and width
3.3-volt power tolerant of 5-volt input
Standard 128-pin TQFP
Ordering Information
AL4CX3650, AL4CX3660, AL4CX3670,
AL4CX3680, AL4CX3690
128-pin plastic TQFP
/O E
In p u t d a ta b u s
In p u t
B u ffe r
M e m o ry A rra y
2K x36, 4K x36,
8K x36, 16K x36,
32K x36
O u tp u t
B u ffe r
O u tp u t d a ta b u s
/W E N
W r ite C o n tr o l
L o g ic
R e a d C o n tro l
L o g ic
W r ite P o in te r
R e a d P o in te r
/R E N
/F F
/E F
/H F
/P A F
/P A E
/L D
F la g L o g ic
O f f s e t R e g is s e r s
/R S T
E x p a n s io n L o g ic
R e s e t L o g ic
/W X O
/R X O
/W X I
/R X I
A L 4 C X 3 6 x 0 F I F O B lo c k D ia g r a m
The embedded memory array with built-in
address decoder, pointer manager and stateof-the-art circuits provide an easy-to-use
interface to serial read/write memory and
offer a flexible way to manage memory in the
system design.
Almost-Full. The flags enable further
manipulation of the synchronous control.
The input port of the FIFO is controlled by a
free running clock (WCLK), and an input
enable (/WEN). The output port is controlled
by another clock (RCLK) and an output
enable (/REN). Data is read into or output
from FIFO synchronous on every individual
WRCK or RCLK clock cycle when /WEN or
/REN is asserted respectively.
The FIFOs are 3.3-volt devices with 5-volt
input tolerance. And are available in the 128pin thin quad flat Pack (TQFP Package).
These FIFOs support selectable bus width up
to 36bit for both input and output ports and
can be configured as x36 to x36, x36 to x18,
x36 to x9, x18 to x36 and x9 to x36 multiple
input and output port bus width. This allows
for easy conversion of the bus width between
the input flow and output flow.
Multiple AL4CX36x0s can be cascaded to
expand the storage depth or can be used in
parallel to expand bus width.
There are two fixed flags, Empty Flag/Output
Ready and Full Flag/Input Ready, and two
programmable flags, Almost-Empty and
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