3.3V Synchronous Dual-Port SRAM
4K/8K/16K/32K/64K/128K x 8/9/16/18-bit
True dual ported memory cells
17 Flow-Through/Pipelined devices:
-- 4K/8K/16K/32K/64K x 18-bit organization (AL5DS9349V/59V/69V/79V/89V)
-- 16K/32K/64K x 16-bit organization (AL5DS9269V/79V/89V)
-- 8K/16K/32K/64K/128K x 9-bit organization (AL5DS9159V/69V/79V/89V/99V)
-- 16K/32K/64K/128K x 8-bit organization (AL5DS9069V/79V/89V/99V)
Supports byte write/read for 16/18 bit devices
Separate upper-byte and lower-byte controls for bus matching (16/18 bit devices only)
3 modes supported:
Counter enable and reset
Fast (100-MHz) operation on both ports in Pipelined output mode
Supports depth and width expansion
0.25-micron CMOS for optimum speed / power
High speed clock to data access
3.3V low operating power
Pin-compatible and functionally equivalent to IDT or Cypress
Available in 100 or 128 pin TQFP
AL5DS9xx9V Preliminary Rev: 1.0
Device Descriptions
A Dual-port RAM is a static RAM with a dual-ported cell. There are separate address, data and
control signals for each port to access a common SRAM array. A dual-port RAM is generally
classified with FIFOs as a “specialty” memory. They are most commonly used in communications
that include the exchange of data between processors, processes and systems.
Each port contains an internal counter for fast memory access applications. The initial address of
the internal counter is loaded with the port’s Address Strobe (/ADS). It also allows the Counter
Enable (/CNTEN) to increment the internal counter on each Low to High transition of that port’s
clock signal. The counter can address the entire memory array and will loop back to start (address
0). The internal counter will be reset to zero while asserting Counter Reset (/CNTRST).
The AL5DS9xx9V is a high speed, 3.3V, synchronous, CMOS, dual-ported SRAM series. The
AL5DS9349V/59V/69V/79V/89V are configured as 4K/8K/16K/32K/64K x 18-bit,
AL5DS9269V/79V/89V as 16K/32K/64K x 16-bit, AL5DS9159V/69V/79V/89V/99V as
8K/16K/32K/64K/128K x 9-bit and AL5DS9069V/79V/89V/99V as 16K/32K/64K/128 x 8-bit. All
these parts support both Pipelined and Flow-Through modes that are selected via the Pipe/FT pin. In
the Pipelined mode, two cycles are required to reactivate the data outputs. The AL5DS9xx9V
series features dual Chip Enables that allow simple depth and width expansion without external
control logic.
All parts are available in 100-pin Thin Quad Plastic Flatpack (TQFP) packages.
AL5DS9269V/79V/89V and AL5DS9379V/89V are also available in 128-pin TQFP packages.
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