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1181 Tape
Copper Foil with Conductive Adhesive
Data Sheet
Product Description
3M 1181 Tape consists of a 1-ounce deadsoft
copper foil backing and a unique electrically
conductive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.
3M 1181Tape is typically used for applications
requiring excellent electrical conductivity from the
application substrate through the adhesive to the foil
backing. Common uses include grounding and EMI
shielding in equipment, components, shielded rooms,
etc. The copper foil backing is solderable and resists
oxidation and discoloration.
• Deadsoft 1-ounce copper foil backing
• Conductive acrylic adhesive
• Supplied on a removable liner for easy handling and
Shielding Effectiveness
Like all 3M shielding tapes, 3M 1181 is available in
standard and custom widths and lengths. Standard
length is 18 yards.
• Widths from 1/4” to 23”
• Longer lengths up to several times normal length,
dependent upon width. Check with Customer
Many factors determine the true shielding
effectiveness of a shielding tape, including type and
thickness of foil, adhesive type, intimacy of contact,
smoothness of application surface, strength and
frequency of the EMI signal, etc. However, using
standard tests and fixtures, it is possible to determine
a value for the attenuation.
For 3M 1181 Tape, typical shielding effectiveness
(far field) is in the range of 60dB to 80dB (30 MHz
to 1 GHz).
Typical Values
Backing thickness 1
1.4 mil (0,04mm)
Total thickness (backing plus adhesive) 2
2.6 mil (.066mm)
Breaking strength 1
25 lb./in (44 N/10mm)
Adhesion to steel 1
35 oz/in (3,8 N/10mm)
Electrical resistance through adhesive 2
0.005 ohm
Flame retardancy 3
* Footnote: 1. Test method ASTM D 1000
2. MIL-STD-202 Method 3 07 maintained at 5 psi (3,4 N/cm2) measured over 1 in2 surface area. Conductive particles in the adhesive
provide the electrical path between the application substrate and the foil backing.
3. UL-recognized for flame retardancy per UL 510, Product Category 0ANZ2, File E17385.
Important Notice
Technical information provided by 3M is based on experience and/or tests
believed to be reliable, but their accuracy is not guaranteed and the results may
not be relevant to every user’s application. For this reason 3M does not accept
responsibility or liability, direct or consequential, arising from reliance upon any
information provided and the user should determine the suitability of the products
for their intended use. Nothing in this statement will be deemed to exclude or
restrict 3M’s liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence. All
questions of liability relating to 3M products are governed by the seller’s terms of
sale subject where applicable to the prevailing law
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