General Description
The ADT2530FXX is a miniaturized receiver IC for infrared remote
control system.
It has a wide voltage operating such as 2.7~5.5V, a high sensitivity.
Wide operating voltage is very suitable to the hand-held battery
operating systems, e.g., electrical toy.
It has 5 trimming cells for the fined adjust of center frequency.
These ICs are capable of accepting a photodiode directly and
include many excellent circuit such as a high gain initial amplifier,
a gain control amplifier, a limiter, a band pass filter, a detection
circuit, two comparator circuits, gain control circuits, integrator
circuits, a waveform shaping circuit assembled on a single chip.
• Wide Operating Supply Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5V
• Internal voltage reference circuit for wide operating built-in.
• No external components necessary.
• Output active low.
• Carrier frequency 32 / 37.9 / 56 / 56A KHz available
* This specifications are subject to be changed without notice