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USB V.92 Dongle Modem Platform
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Controller-Based Modem with SmartDAA® 4 for PC Applications
Overall Measurements:
64 mm x 18 mm x 14 mm
(length x width x height)
Stylish, Turnkey Solution Surpassing PC OEM Requirements
Conexant’s CX-9Z-NR0226 USB V.92 Dongle Modem design platform
consists of the CX93010-11Z USB Modem with 4th Generation SmartDAA®
and the CX20548-11Z SmartDAA 4 Line Side Device (LSD). The CX-9ZNR0226 is a full turnkey USB V.92 dongle modem styled to complement
today’s fashionable notebooks. The attractive sleek profile with soft rounded
curves is easily stored in the smallest of notebook cases. Conexant has
leveraged its extensive experience in working with PC manufacturers
and expertise in analog modem technology to develop a modem that will
withstand the demands of the toughest PC OEMs and surpass all categories
of standards testing for safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
Low Cost
The CX-9Z-NR0226 incorporates several cost-saving features. The CX9301011Z is offered in a small 20-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package allowing
for the small yet cost efficient PCB. The CX20548 SmartDAA 4 LSD builds
on three generations of market leading silicon DAA devices. It reduces Bill
of Material (BOM) cost and necessary board space, making it the most
cost efficient silicon DAA in the market. It eliminates the need for costly
analog transformers, relays and opto-isolators typically used in discrete DAA
implementation for country-specific modem configurations. The result is
a worldwide reduced system cost solution using a single bill of materials.
The SmartDAA 4 is system-powered, making it the most reliable and best
performing silicon DAA in the market. The SmartDAA 4 is shipping in
every top PC OEM continuing Conexant’s long tradition of providing the
most Internet connections via analog modems than all of its competitors
4 mm x 4 mm
16-pin QFN
6 mm x 6 mm 20-pin QFN
Distinguishing Features
• Full turnkey design
• Elegant and stylish ID design
• Slim and compact
• Passes strict EMC and safety standards of the top PC OEMs
• Pre-certified for worldwide Telecom
Quick Time-to-Market
The CX-9Z-NR0226 is pre-tested for worldwide telecom compliance and can
be transferred to any board Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for fast
time to market. The OEM can customize the design to their liking by adding
their own color scheme and logo. The design is fully controlled by Conexant
from the PCB to the USB cable and the ID designs to assure consistent
product quality.
The CX-9Z-NR0226 is a hardware modem using the CX93010-11Z and
CX20548-11Z chipset. Because it is a hardware modem, it can be easily
adopted in non-x86 CPU and non-Windows OS based systems. The modem
will operate with any system that has a USB CDC (Communication Device
Class) driver.
• Notebook computers
• Desktop computers
• Workstations
Part Number CX-9Z-NR0226
USB V.92 Dongle Modem Platform
PC Dial-Up Modems
Controller-Based Modems
DAA Hardware
CX20548 SmartDAA
Line Side Device (LSD)
(16-Pin QFN)
USB V.92 Modem
(20-Pin QFN)
Line Interface
Unit (MCU)
Modem Data
Pump (MDP)
CX-9Z-NR0226 Design Kit Includes:
2Kb (256 x 8) to
256KB (32K x 8)
• Layout files (Gerbers)
• Data Sheet
• Schematic
• ID Design files
• Driver software
CX-9Z-NR0226 Block Diagram
• Full speed (12 MHz) USB interface device implementation
− Suspend/Resume
− Vendor specific descriptions
− Bus powered USB device
− Compatible with USB 2.0
• Data modem
− ITU-T V.92 (V.92 model)
• Modem-on-Hold (MOH)
• Quick connect (QC)
• PCM upstream
− V.90 (V.92 model)
− V.34 (V.92 model)
− V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, and V.21, Bell 212A and Bell 103
− V.22bis fast connect
− V.250 and V.251 commands
− V.80 Synchronous Access Mode
• Data compression and error correction
− V.44, V.42bis, and MNP 5 data compression
− V.42 LAPM and MNP 2-4 error correction
• Fax modem send and receive rates up to 14.4 kbps
− V.17, V.29, V.27 ter, and V.21 channel 2
− EIA/TIA 578 Class 1 and T.31 Class 1.0
• Interfaces to optional serial EEPROM
• Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination
• Hardware-based modem controller
• Hardware-based digital signal processor (DSP)
• Worldwide operation
− Complies to TBR21 and other country requirements
− On-hook and/or off-hook Caller ID detection for selected countries
− Call progress, blacklisting
− Internal ROM includes default values for 63 countries
− Additional modified country profiles can be stored in internal SRAM or optional serial EEPROM
• In-band digital call progress
• Caller waiting detection
• Caller ID detect
− On-hook Caller ID detection
− Off-hook Call Waiting Caller ID detection during data mode when connected to V.92 server
• Modem customization available through patch code that can be stored in optional serial EEPROM or internal SRAM
• Telephony/TAM
− V.253 commands
− 2-bit and 4-bit ADPCM, 4-bit IMA ADPCM, 8-bit and 16-bit linear PCM, and 8-bit μ-law and A-law PCM coding
− 8 kHz sample rate
− Concurrent DTMF, ring, and Caller ID detection
• Flow control and speed buffering
• Automatic format/speed sensing
• Asynchronous data
• LED driver outputs
• +5V to +3.3V voltage regulators on-chip
• +3.3V to +1.2V voltage regulators on-chip
• System compatibility – CDC-compliant systems
− Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems; Linux operating systems
− Macintosh computers and Sun workstations
SmartDAA Features
System side powered DAA operates under poor line current supply conditions
Ring detection
Line polarity reversal detection
Line current loss detection
Pulse dialing
Line-in-use detection during on-hook operation
Remote hang-up detection for efficient call termination
Extension pickup detection
Call waiting detection
Digital PBX line protection
Meets worldwide DC VI masks requirements
Conexant Product Portfolio
The company’s broad portfolio of semiconductor products also includes client-side DSL, cable, and dial-up modem solutions; fiber optic system-onchips; broadcast video encoders and decoders; and digital set-top box components and systems solutions. Additional products include a complete line
of asymmetric and symmetric DSL central office solutions, which are used by service providers worldwide to deliver broadband data, voice, and video
over copper telephone lines.
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