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EqcoLogic HD-SDI Repeaters for long-haul digital HD-CCTV
Extend HD-CCTV links up to 1.0km
with power over cable and camera
control link over single coax cable
Each repeater supports a date-rate of 2.97 Gbit/s (3GSDI). A link of up to 220m can be achieved with a data
-rate of 1.485 Gbit/s (depending on cable quality*).
EqcoLogic’s EQCO-SDI30-7501 is an extender solution
for HD-SDI links, operating with 75Ω coax cable.
Longer lengths can be supported with lower speed
cameras: for example, 720m for SDI cameras.
Each unit receives a HD-CCTV signal that may be
attenuated by up to 220m of coax cable.
Up to 5 repeater units can be daisy-chained together,
all powered over the coax cable by power injected to
the first repeater.
DVR side Repeater including Link Power and Control Channel
The repeater contains three critical components to
correct and then retransmit the signal:
 Adaptive Equalizer to return the signal to its original
amplitude and modulation
 Reclocker to resynchronize the signal—bringing it
back to its original condition
In-line HDSDI Repeater
 Cable Driver to retransmit the signal with its original
characteristics restored
Furthermore, the repeater design allows for two
unique benefits:
 Up to 6 repeaters may be powered from the coax
cable; if only one or two repeaters are used, the
power may also be adequate to power the SDI
 A control signal (RS485) can be transmitted from the
recorder (DVR) side to the camera over the coax
Repeater enables simultaneous signal transmission,
camera control and power over a single cable.
Camera side HDSDI Repeater with Power and Control
Camera control signals and the system power can be
injected at the first repeater (nearest the recorder).
Control signals and camera power (if appropriate) can
similarly be taken from the repeater nearest to the
camera and fed into the camera itself.
The camera control is via RS485, the most commonly
used protocol and a control signal bandwidth of up to
38.4 kbps is supported.
SL-EQC0-HD-CCTV Repeater-0v1 ©2011
 Power can be transmitted from the recorder (DVR)
side to the camera over the coax cable.
*Subject to maximum cable attenuation, see over for details
Technical Specifications
HD-SDI Interface
BNC True 75Ω
Cable Impedance
75Ω + 3Ω
Data Throughput
270Mbps, 1.485 Gbps, 2.97 Gbps
Aux Interface
Connector (Head End)
RJ45 (Cat 3)
Cable Type
Category 3 or above
RS485 in (Pair 1) RS485 out (Pair 2), Gnd (Pair 3), +24V (Pair 4)
Power Supply Input
(Head End input)
Aux Power in via RJ45
24V @ 720mWatts, plus any concatenated repeaters
DC Feed via Coax
Min 9V – 24V DC, rated current 0.5 – 2A
Power Supply Output
(Camera Side output)
Aux Power out via RJ45
VIN @ Head End -1V -Coax DC drop (varies with cable type/length)
DC Feed via Coax
VIN @ Head End – 1V - Coax DC drop per hop (varies with cable type/length)
Operating Temperature
0 C to 50 C
Relative humidity
Up to 85% non-condensing
Storage Temperature
-20 C to 70 C
Performance Specifications
Max coax length
for error free
Max coax length
for error free
RG6 Sample 1 (16dB/100m)
(Belden 1694A)
220 meters / 720 feet
RG6 Sample 2 (16dB/100m)
(Carol Brand)
Performance by coax type
Cable/Power Budget
Max #
(total length)
DC power
after 2
120 meters /390
5 (1km)
220 meters / 720 feet
120 meters /390
3 (600 m)
5C-HFBT Sample (16dB/100m)
220 meters / 720 feet
120 meters /390
5 (1km )
RG59 Sample (23dB/100m)
153 meters / 502 feet
83 meters/ 272 feet
5 (700 m)
3C-2V Sample 1 (41dB/100m)
(Hangzhou Linan Tongda Cable Co.,Ltd)
RG11 Sample (10dB/100m)
(CommCcope F1160BVV)
85 meters / 280 feet
47 meters / 154 feet
5 (390 m)
350 meters / 1150
192 meters / 630
4 (1.3 km)
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