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EqcoLogic Transceivers for CoaXPress® Camera Solutions
CoaXPress (CXP) is an asymmetric high speed
point to point serial communication standard
for the transmission of video and still images,
scalable over single or multiple coaxial cables.
This solution supports a high speed downlink of up
to 6.25Gbps per cable for video and images, plus a
lower speed, 20Mbps, uplink for communications
and control. Video transmission, power and data
(control) are simultaneous over a single cable.
Cable lengths of greater than 100m may be
EqcoLogic Transceiver Devices
The figure shows the integration of EqcoLogic
transceivers in a typical camera/frame grabber
configuration. The CoaXPress system uses the
asymmetric (high speed one way, low speed the other)
transceivers to transmit image data from the camera
and control signals and triggering information from the
frame grabber. The system also supports transmission
of power from the frame grabber to the camera,
making local power supplies unnecessary.
The product family supports variety of data rates:
 EQCO62T20: transmits ≤ 6.25Gbit/s; receives ≤ 20Mbit/s
 EQCO31T20: transmits ≤ 3.125Gbit/s; receives ≤ 20Mbit/s
 EQCO62R20: receives ≤ 6.25Gbit/s; transmits ≤20Mbit/s)
 EQCO31R20:receives ≤ 3.125Gbit/s; transmits ≤ 20Mbit/s)
Higher speed image transmission can be supported
by using multiple CoaXPress links in parallel. For
example, the fastest CoaXPress solutions today use
four channels, offering up to 25Gbit/s downlink
CoaXPress has been standardized by JIIA and has been
accepted as a world standard by the G3 group
including AIA and EMVA.
The original CoaXPress technology was developed by
EqcoLogic, together with other members of the
CoaXPress consortium, including Adimec and Active
CoaXPress Transceiver 1.0 ©2011
Multiple cable links
Technical Specifications
CoaXPress Interface
Downlink Data Throughput
1.25 – 6.25 Gbps (EQCO62x20) / 1.25 – 3.125 Gbps (EQCO31x20)
Uplink Data Throughput
20 Mbps
Power Over Coax
Up to 13 W
Power supply
Single 1.2 V supply
Power Consumption
70 mW per chip
Temperature Range
-40 - +85 ˚C
16 pin QFN 4 mm, Pb-free and RoHS compliant
Performance Specifications
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