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EqcoLogic 1394b dongles for long-haul over Coaxial Cable
Extend 1394b links up to 60
meters with power over cable
EqcoLogic’s EQCO-FW7501 and EQCO-FW5001
are two extender solutions for FireWire over
coaxial cable, operating with 75Ω and 50Ω coax
cable respectively.
1394b over coax dongles are ideal for simple and easy
implementation of long-haul connections. Due to the
secure shielding of coaxial cable EqcoLogic’s 1394b
dongles can be used within electrically noisy
environments such as factories.
In addition to the long-haul fully duplex data
transmission, power can be transmitted
simultaneously from the host side to a target
(such as camera or hard drive) over the coax
The EqcoLogic coaxial extenders fully support
the IEEE1394b Standards.
The EQCO-FW7501 supports up to 60 meters of 75Ω
coaxial cable; the EQCO-FW5001 supports up to 30m of
50Ω coaxial cable. In both cases, the range is specified
at a data-rate of 1.0Gbit/s (S800).
When using the dongles, customers can determine the
best cable lengths for their applications. The EqcoLogic
transceiver contains an equalizer that is fully adaptive
and adjusts for various cable lengths as well as age and
environmental conditions like temperature, without
any need for programming. The dongles have a
standard 1394b 9-pin connector on one end and a 75Ω
BNC or 50Ω SMA connector on the opposite end.
These dongles are ideal for laboratory and Industrial
applications, such as Machine Vision and Factory
Automation, where robust cable cabling is required.
They can also be used with high flex small diameter
coaxial cable with rotating joints, if necessary, for
applications where multiple rotations are required.
SL-EQC0-FW7501 Dongle-0v1 ©2011
Each unit contains a 1394b transceiver
(EQCO875SC or EQCO850SC) that can transmit
up to S800 speeds (1.0Gbit/s) fully duplex over a
single coax cable; the transceiver includes an
adaptive equalizer that supports up to 60m cable
*Subject to maximum cable attenuation, see over for details
Technical Specifications
IEEE 1394B interface
9-Pin 1394b
Coax Interface/cable
EQCO-FW5001—50Ω ohm
EQCO-FW7501—75Ω ohm
50Ω rated SMA
75Ω rated BNC
Power over cable
Max Voltage
Max Current
Max Transmitted Power
32V (1394b bus voltage)
1.0A (limited by coax dongle linear power supply)
32W(before cable losses)
Power supply – to
remote device
Voltage Available
VIN (bus voltage) -1V -Coax DC drop (varies with cable type/length)
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
Storage Temperature
0 – 50C
Up to 85% - non-condensing
-20 – +70C
Performance Specifications
Performance by Product and Cable Type
(All cable information at
S800/1.0Gbit/s data-rate)
EQCO-FW7501 (75Ω)
EQCO-FW5001 (50Ω)
50Ω/2.8mm dia
15 meters/49 feet
50Ω/2.8mm dia
25 meters/81 feet
50Ω/5mm dia
30 meters/67.5 feet
20 meters/65 feet
40 meters/130 feet
60 meters/195 feet
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