ETC 20794

Evaluation Kit for the Am79C983 and Am79C988 Devices
■ ISA-bus adapter card with two IMR2 and three
QuIET devices
■ Functions as an IEEE 802.3-compliant,
managed repeater
■ Supports twelve 10BASE-T ports and two AUI
■ Includes AMD’s Advanced Monitoring (AMON)
software to evaluate all IMR2 management
■ Complete support documentation provided
■ Expansion bus can be used to connect two
IMR2/QuIET evaluation boards together
The IMR2/QuIET Evaluation Kit is an evaluation platform
for the Am79C983 Integrated Multiport Repeater 2
(IMR2) and the Am79C988 Quad Integrated Ethernet
Transceiver (QuIET). When used in an ISA-bus host system, the evaluation board functions as a managed
10BASE-T repeater. Twelve 10BASE-T ports and two AUI
ports are provided. The expansion bus cable can be used
to interconnect two evaluation boards to construct a larger
port count repeater.
The evaluation kit includes AMD’s Advanced Monitoring
(AMON) software. AMON is a menu-driven, MS-DOS
software program that can be used to access various
registers in the IMR2 device, including the IEEE 802.3
Repeater MIB and RMON MIB counters. By providing
the user with extensive control of the IMR2 management
functions, AMON will aid in the software development of
IMR2-based managed repeaters.
Port switching capability is supported by the evaluation
board and the AMON software program. Port switching
allows each twisted pair port to be switched individually
via software to either of the two IMR2 devices on the
evaluation board.
■ ISA adapter board
■ AUI extension cable w/metal bracket (Qty. 2)
■ 12-port RJ-45 connector
■ 12-port RJ-45 connector cable
■ Expansion bus jumper cable
■ 3.5” diskette with AMON evaluation software
■ IMR2/QuIET Technical Manual
■ IMR2/QuIET Evaluation Kit User’s Manual
■ Am79C983 IMR2 Data Sheet
■ Am79C988 QuIET Data Sheet
■ IMR2/QuIET Evaluation Board Schematics
■ IMR2/QuIET Product Brief
■ Business Reply Card
The AMD Ordering Part Number for this evaluation kit
The evaluation board provides on-board LED displays
for full evaluation of the LED capabilities of the IMR2 device. The AMON program can be launched directly from
the 3.5” diskette or installed on a local hard drive. The
IMR2/QuIET evaluation board is not intended to be a vehicle for Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC) testing.
This document contains information on a product under development at Advanced Micro Devices. The information
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Issue Date: March 1996
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