ETC 92F597

Four Channel
RTD/Strain Gage Conditioner
Low Input Offset Drift: ±1.0µV/°C
Low Gain Drift: ±25ppm/°C
Low Nonlinearity: +0.01% max (±0.005% typ)
Differential Input Protection: ±130V rms
Channel Multiplexing: 3000 chan/sec Scanning Speed
Solid State Reliability
Internal RTD Excitation/Lead Wire Compensation
Multichannel Signal Conditioning
Data Acquisition
Industrial Process Monitoring
The model 2B34 is a four-channel signal conditioner providing input
protection, multiplexing, and amplification in a single, low cost
package. A multi-purpose device, the 2B34 is designed to effectively
condition low-level signals (±30mV to ±100mV) such as those
produced by RTD and strain gage sensors. The superior design of the
2B34 provides low input drift (±1.0µV/°C), high common mode
rejection (94dB @ 60Hz), and extremely stable gain (±25ppm/°C).
Other features include low nonlinearity (±0.01% max), excitation and
lead wire compensation for RTD inputs, and a wide operating
temperature range (-25°C to +85°C).
The 2B34 is a superior alternative to the relay multiplexing technique
used in multichannel data acquisition systems, computer interface
systems, and measurement and control instrumentation. Advantages
over relay circuits include functional versatility, superior signal
conditioning, and solid state speed and reliability.
Solid State Design: Complete solid state construction offers both
high performance and reliability.
Low Cost: The 2B34 offers the lowest cost per channel for solid
state, low level sensor signal conditioning.
Wide Operating Temperature Range: The 2B34 has been
designed to operate over -25°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.
Ease of Use: The multichannel, functionally complete design in a
compact (2" X 4" X 0.4") module, conserves board space and
eliminates the need for a number of discrete components that would
otherwise be required.
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