ETC 92F594

Low Cost/High Accuracy
18-Bit D/A/ Converter
Integral Nonlinearity: ±0.00076% FSR max
Differential Nonlinearity: ±0.00076% FSR max
Low Differential Nonlinearity T.C.: ±1 ppm/°C max
Wide Power Supply Operation: ±11.5V to ±16V
Fast Settling: 6µS to ±0.00076% FSR
Small Size 2" x 2" x 0.4"
Automatic Test Equipment
Digital Audio
Nuclear Instrumentation
The DAC1146 is a low cost, 18-bit resolution (1 part in 262,144),
digital-to-analog converter that provides high accuracy, high stability
and is contained in a 2" x 2" x 0.4" module.
Integral and differential nonlinearity are both guaranteed at
±0.00076% FSR maximum. Additional guaranteed performance
features include: differential nonlinearity T.C. ±1ppm/°C maximum,
offset T.C. ±30µV/°C maximum, gain T.C. ±12ppm/°C maximum,
bipolar offset T.C. ±7ppm/°C maximum.
The DAC1146 makes use of CMOS integrated circuits, thin-film
resistor technology and proprietary CMOS current-steering switches
to obtain high resolution, high reliability and small size. The
calculated MTBF for the DAC1146 is 275,445 hours, per Mil
Handbook 217C.
The DAC1146 can operate with power supplies ranging from ±11.5V
to ±16.0V. An internal precision reference is provided, an external
reference can be used. The external reference voltage input range is 12V to +12V. The analog output ranges include: +5V, +10V, ±5V,
±10V, - 2mA and ±1mA, and are selectable via pin programming (see
Figure 1). Digital input coding for unipolar operation is true binary,
bipolar input coding is offset binary or 2's complement.
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Figure 1. DAC1146 Block Diagram
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