ETC 2B50

Isolated, Thermocouple
Signal Conditioner
Model 2B50
Accepts J, K, T, E, R, S or B Thermocouple Types
Internally Provided Cold Junction Compensation
High CMV Isolation: ±1500V pk
High CMR: 160dB min @ 60Hz
Low Drift: ±1µV/°C max (2B50B)
High Linearity: ±0.01% max (2B50B)
Input Protection and Filtering
Screw Terminal Input Connections
Precision Thermocouple Signal Conditioning for:
Process Control and Monitoring
Industrial Automation
Energy Management
Data Acquisition Systems
The model 2B50 is a high performance thermocouple signal
conditioner providing input protection, isolation and common mode
rejection, amplification, filtering and integral cold junction
compensation in a single, compact package.
In thermocouple temperature measurement applications, outstanding
features such as low drift, high noise rejection, and 1500V isolation
make the 2B50 an ideal choice for systems used in harsh industrial
The 2B50 has been designed to condition low level analog signals,
such as those produced by thermocouples, in the presence of high
common mode voltages. Featuring direct thermocouple connection via
screw terminals and internally provided reference junction temperature
sensor, the 2B50 may be jumper programmed to provide cold junction
compensation for thermocouple types J, K, T, and B, or resistor
programmed for types E, R, and S.
The high performance of the 2B50 is accomplished by the use of
reliable transformer isolation techniques. This assures complete input
to output galvanic isolation (+1500V pk) and excellent common mode
rejection (l60dB @ 60Hz).
High Reliability: To assure high reliability and provide isolation
protection to electronic instrumentation, the 2B50 has been
conservatively designed to meet the IEEE Standard for transient
voltage protection (472-1974: SWC) and provide 220V rms
differential input protection.
High Noise Rejection: The 2B50 features internal filtering circuitry
for elimination of errors caused by RFI/EMl, series mode noise, and
50Hz/60Hz pickup.
Other key features include: input protection (220V rms), filtering
(NMR of 70dB @ 60Hz), low drift amplification (±1µV/°C max 2B50B), and high linearity (±0.01% max - 2B50B).
Ease of Use: Internal compensation enables the 2B50 to be used
with seven different thermocouple types. Unique circuitry offers a
choice of internal or remote reference junction temperature sensing.
Thermocouple connections may be made either by screw terminals
or, in applications requiring PC Board connections, by terminal pins.
Small Package: 1.5” X 2.5” X 0.6" size conserves board space.
The 2B50 has been designed to provide thermocouple signal
conditioning in data acquisition systems, computer interface systems,
and temperature measurement and control instrumentation.
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