ETC 2B23

Programmable Output, Isolated
Voltage–to-Current Converter
Wide Input Range, Resistor Programmable
Pin Programmable Output: 4 to 20mA or 0 to 20mA
High CMV Input/Output Isolation: ±1500V pk
Low Nonlinearity: ±0.05% max (2B23K)
Low Span Drift: ± 0.005%/°C max (2B23K)
Single Supply Operation: +14V to +28V
Small Size: 1.8" x 2.4" x 0.6"
Meets IEEE Std. 472: Transient Protection (SWC)
Meets ISA Std. 50.1: Isolated Current Loop
Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control
Ground Loop Elimination
Transient Voltage Protection
Analog Transmitters and Controllers
Remote Data Acquisition Systems
The model 2B23 is a high performance, low cost voltage to current
converter featuring ±1500V pk input to output isolation for interfacing
with standard process signals. The input stage of the 2B23 may be
single resistor programmed to accept voltages within a 0 to +10V
range (+0.1V to +10V full scale). The isolated output is pin
programmable to provide current in the range of 4 to 20mA or 0 to
20mA and can be operated with 0 to 800Ω grounded or floating loads.
The 2B23 uses reliable transformer isolation techniques and is
available in two accuracy selections offering guaranteed non-linearity
error (2B23K: ± 0.05% max, 2B23J: ± 0.1% max) and guaranteed low
span drift (2B23K: ±0.005%/°C max, 2B23J: ±0.01%/°C max). The
internally trimmed span and offset errors are ±0.1% for the 2B23K
and ±0.25% for the 2B23J. Both span and offset may be adjusted
using optional external potentiometers.
Featuring wide range, single supply operation (+14V to + 28V dc),
the 2B23 provides isolated loop power, thus eliminating the need for
an external dc/dc converter.
Model 2B23 has been designed to provide high accuracy, versatility
and low cost in industrial and laboratory system applications requiring
isolated current transmission. The 2B23 meets the requirements of the
Instrument Society of America Std. 50.1 "Compatibility of Analog
Signals for Electronic Industrial Process Instruments" and may serve
as a transmission link between such system elements as computers,
controllers, actuators, recorders and indicators.
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In data acquisition and control systems, the 2B23 may act as an
isolated interface between the D/A converter output of a microcomputer analog I/O and standard 4 to 20mA or 0 to 20mA analog
loops. In process control systems, the 2B23 may be used as a current
output stage of a proportional controller to interface devices such as
current-to-position converters and current-to-pneumatic transducers.
High CMV Isolation: The 2B23 features high input to output
galvanic isolation to eliminate ground loops and offer protection
against damage from transients and fault voltages. Its isolation barrier
will withstand continuous CMV of ± 1500V pk and 1500V rms @
60Hz for 60 seconds.
High Reliability: To assure high reliability in harsh industrial
environments, reliable magnetic isolation is used. The 2B23 meets the
IEEE Standard for Transient Voltage Protection (472-1974: Surge
Withstand Capability) and offers reliable operation over -25°C to
+85°C temperature range.
Versatility: The 2B23 can be easily tailored to the user's application,
accommodating a wide range of input voltages, providing pin
programmable, standard current outputs and offering wide range,
single supply operation.
Small Size: To conserve board space, the 2B23 is packaged in a
compact, 1.8' x 2.4' x 0.6" module.
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