ETC 281

High CMV, High Performance
Isolation Amplifiers
Models 284J, 286J, 281
High CMV Isolation: ±5000V pk, 10ms Pulse; ±2500V dc
High CMR: 110dB min with 5kΩ imbalance
Low Nonlinearity: 0.05% @ 10V pk-pk Output
High Gain Stability: ±0.0075%/°C, ±0.001%/1000 hours
Low Input Offset Voltage Drift: 10µV/ °C, G = 100V/V
(Model 286J)
Resistor Programmed Gain: 1 to 10V/V (284J)
1 to 100V/V (286J)
Isolated Power Supply: ±8.5V dc @ ±5mA (284J)
±15V dc @ ±15mA (286J)
Meets IEEE Std 472: Transient Protection (SWC)
Meets UL Std 544 Leakage @ 115V ac, 60Hz:
2.0µA max (284J)
2.5µA max (286J)
Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring
Multi-Channel ECG Recording
Ground Loop Elimination in Industrial and Process
Control High Voltage Protection in Data Acquisition
Systems 4-20mA Isolated Current Loop Receiver
The models 284J, 286J are low cost, high performance isolation
amplifiers designed for high CMV isolation and low leakage in
biomedical, industrial and data acquisition systems. Using modulation
techniques with reliable transformer isolation, the models 284J, 286J
protect both patients and ultrasensitive equipment from high CMV
transients up to ±5000V pk (10ms pulse) or 2500V dc continuous, high
CMR of ll0dB (5kΩ imbalance) and feature maximum leakage current
of less than 3µA rms, @ 115V ac, 60Hz (inputs to power common).
The model 284J is a self-contained isolation amplifier for single
channel applications. For multi-channel applications, the model 286J
combined with an external synchronizing oscillator such as the model
281 may be used; up to 16 model 286J amplifiers can be driven from 1
model 281 oscillator. Additional channels may be obtained by
configuring an unlimited number of 284Js with several ganged 281
Both models also provide resistor-programmable gain of 1 to 10V/V
(284J) or 1 to 100V/V (286J), high gain stability of 0.0075%/ °C, low
nonlinearity of 0.05% @ 10V pk-pk output and isolated power supply
outputs of ±15V dc @ ±15mA (286J) or ±8.5V dc @ ±5mA (284J).
Industrial Applications: In data acquisition systems, computer
interface systems, process signal isolators and high CMV
instrumentation, models 284J, 286J offer complete galvanic isolation
and protection against damage from transients and fault voltages. High
level transducer interface capability is afforded
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with model 286J's 20V pk-pk or model 284J's 10V pk-pk input signal
range at a gain of 1V/V operation. In portable field designs, single
supply, wide range operation (+8V to +16V) offers simple battery
Medical Applications: In biomedical and patient monitoring
equipment such as multi-channel VCG, ECG, and polygraph
recorders, models 284J, 286J offer protection from lethal ground
fault currents as well as 5kV defibrillator pulse inputs. Low level
bioelectric signal recording is achieved with low input noise (8µV
pk-pk @ G = max gain) and high CMR (110dB, min @ 60Hz).
High Reliability: Models 284J, 286J are conservatively designed,
compact modules, capable of reliable operation in harsh
environments. Models 284J, 286J have calculated MTBF of over
390,000 hours and are designed to meet MIL-STD-202E
environmental testing as well as the IEEE Standard for Transient
Voltage Protection (472-1974: Surge Withstand Capability).
Isolated Power Supply: Dual regulated supplies, completely
isolated from the input power terminals (±2500V dc isolation),
provides the capability to excite floating signal conditioners, front
end buffer amplifiers as well as remote transducers such as
thermistors or bridges.
Adjustable Gain: A single external resistor enables gain adjustment
from 1V/V to 100V/V (286J) or 1V/V to 10V/V (284J) providing the
flexibility of applying models 284J, 286J in both high level
transducer interfacing as well as low level sensor measurements.
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