ETC I250-21FS

Innovative Convergence™ Platforms
i.250-21 Chipset
Building on the success of the industry-leading
i.250 Innovative Convergence™ (2.5G) platform, a
silicon-to-software solution for wireless handsets,
Freescale Semiconductor* offers an enhanced
platform that provides advanced features and
Processor IC
applications in the Global System for Mobile
Communications (GSM)/General Packet Radio
Service (GPRS) arena. The i.250-21 Innovative
Power Amplifier
Convergence platform is designed to support
850 MHz and 900 MHz GSM, 1800 MHz digital
communication services (DCS), and 1900 MHz
personal communication services (PCS) wireless
Headset Jack
Power Management
and Audio Circuit IC
networks. This quad-band operation allows
handsets based on the i.250 platform to work in
Charge Control
Protection IC
virtually any 2.5G GSM/GPRS wireless network
in North America, Europe and Asia.
1.8V or 3V
SIM Card
Battery Contacts
The i.250-21 platform is flexible and scalable: It is
designed to support the high-volume production
of entry-level voice and data phones as well as
the use of higher-tier feature sets; and it provides
a seamless migration path to next-generation
technology. The i.250-21 platform offers
manufacturers a solution to build products that
are compact, cost-effective, secure, and can be
delivered to market quickly.
Platform Chipset Features
DSP56631 Dual-Core Baseband Processor
> Integrates DSP56600 digital signal
processor and ARM7TDMI-S™
microcontroller cores
> Includes on-chip memory, receiver
analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), a
receive (RX) and transmit (TX)
synthesizer, TX power amplifier control,
and a voice codec
MMM6022 Power Amplifier Module
> 50-ohm TX power amplifier module with
antenna switch for quad- and tri-band
GSM handset applications, functioning
over the GSM850, EGSM, DCS, and
PCS frequency bands
MC13777 Quad-Band GPRS
Front-End IC (RF Circuit)
> Designed for use in GSM/DCS and
GSM850/PCS quad-band GPRS
Class 10 cellular radios
> Receiver portion designed for use in
very low intermediate frequency (VLIF)
receivers or direct conversion receivers
> Transmit portion designed for use in
direct launch transmitters and integrates
TX voltage control ocillators (VCOs)
and buffer amplifiers
and hardware reuse
MC13717 Integrated Power Management
and Audio Circuit
> Contains voltage regulators, voltage
multiplier, microphone amplifiers, audio
filtering and amplification, a 32 KHz
oscillator and a multiplexer that drives
the general-purpose ADC on the
baseband processor
> Integrates third-party, value-added
technologies that enable different tiers
of products, speeding time-to-market
for derivatives
> Designed to provide smooth migration path
to next-generation applications such as
smartphones and wireless PDAs
> Includes advanced features such as
coin-cell backup battery charger and switch,
and additional ADC multiplexer inputs
> GPRS Class 10 protocol stack that has
been field-proven running on cellular
handsets around the globe
The MC13718 Li-Ion Charge Control
and Protection IC
> Designed to scale from voice-only wireless
clients to rich multimedia platforms
including multimedia messaging service
(MMS) and WAP 2.0 Internet browsing
> Designed to protect and control the
charging of single-cell batteries employing
lithium-ion cell chemistry
> Designed to provide multimode charging
circuitry, battery cell protection circuitry,
and thermal and power dissipation
protection for charging electronics
Platform Benefits
Comprehensive Hardware
and Software Solution
> Comprehensive reference designs and
development tools speed time-to-market
> GSM/GPRS software package eases
system integration and interface design
Technological Expertise
> System design and software
minimize design risks and shorten
development cycle
High Level of System Integration
> Low part-count is cost-effective and helps
minimize platform development time
> Reduced de-sense effect is designed
to improve radio manufacturing cycle time
and quality
> Easily integrated with i.MX family of
applications processors via the i.Smart
smartphone reference design
Flexible, Scalable Architecture
> Allows high level of software
> Optimized interface for
Bluetooth™ connectivity
> Optimized Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME™)
2x performance over previous versions via
optimized byte code interpreter (OBCI)
> Supports advanced imaging features
including video graphics array (VGA)
to mega-pixel resolution, high-preview
frame rates, fast click-to-click times
and upgrade support for MPEG-4
movie functions
> LCD supports full 262K true color thin-film
transistor (TFT) panel
Enhanced Security
> Includes secure ROM designed to provide
restricted access and interrupt-free
execution for sensitive code
> Offers phone security enhancement that
helps protect the phone code and data
as well as the crypto key, used for
exchanging sensitive data through WAP,
from being read by unauthorized users
Assisted global positioning system (AGPS)
capability is offered as an option to the
i.250-21 platform. By attaching Freescale’s
MCM29500 GPS processor and MC13240
GPS RF front-end IC to the i.250-21, and
licensing the SiRFLoc client software directly
from SiRF Technology, Inc., the i.250-21
customer has a complete AGPS solution that
is capable of supporting the E-911 U.S.
government mandate as well as a broad suite
of location-enabled applications where size,
cost and performance are critical. In addition,
Freescale will offer a GPS hardware
reference design and interface software to
simplify the integration of this optional GPS
Platform Development Environments
The i.250-21 platform is designed to simplify
the development process for a GSM/GPRS
product by organizing the tools and different
pieces of the solution into the following three
major development environments:
> Integrated development environment (IDE)
for software and man-machine interface
(MMI) development
• Application Development System (ADS)
• Software—GSM engine with
GPRS and MMI toolkit
• Supporting tools for
handset development
> Radio Test Environment (RTE) for radio
development and performance optimization
• Flash loader tool
• Radio tuning tool
> Manufacturing Test Environment (MTE) for
meeting type approval and production line
test requirements
• Test planning
Innovative Convergence
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