AD ITD3020

Low-IF tuner IC
for dual-band DAB & FM
Single chip synthesized tuner for dual-band DAB and FM
Low-IF single-conversion architecture which eliminates all
SAW filters
Covers whole band-III (174 ~ 245 MHz), L-band (1450 ~ 1592
MHz) and FM (88 ~ 108 MHz)
Operating dynamic range : -102 ~ -10 dBm
Ultra low power consumption: Band-III 100 mW
L-band 160 mW
On-chip regulators for 2.85V single supply
On-chip fast switching fractional-N PLL
On-chip low phase noise and wide frequency range VCO
On-chip bandwidth-adjustable low pass filter
Integrated IF variable gain amplifier for direct connection to
digital demodulators
Noise/Linearity optimization through internal RF RSSI and
AGC loop
Adjustable take-over point
Ideal for mobile DAB receiver, FM application
I2C serial bus interface
Small 40-QFN package (6 × 6 mm2)
Minimal external components
Fully compatible with dual-band DAB and FM
Figure 1.
Dual-band DAB Mobile Phone
FM radio application
Low Power PDA, Mobile Phone
The ITD3020 is a highly integrated CMOS single chip low-IF
single-conversion tuner IC for dual-band DAB (Digital audio
broadcasting) and FM. It supports Eureka-147 DAB standard
along with analog FM. It includes 2 LNAs, 2 RF PGAs, 2 imagerejection down-conversion mixers, a bandwidth adjustable low
pass filter, an IF variable gain amplifier, a VCO and a fractionalN PLL, etc. On-chip low phase noise VCO along with high
resolution fractional-N frequency synthesizer make in-band
phase noise lower than that of any other conventional tuners.
The ITD3020 also includes several regulators, which make it
possible to use single 2.85 V power supply.
The ITD3020 exhibits ultra low power consumption such as 100
mW. Using small leadless 6 mm × 6 mm 40-LD QFN package,
the ITD3020 is the best solution for highly integrated multituner system and portable application where low power
consumption is critical. It has an industry standard I2C serial
bus interface. Primary application of the ITD3020 is dual-band
DAB/FM mobile phones and the portable DAB/FM receiver.
1. Single chip synthesized tuner for dual-band DAB and FM
2. Low-IF single-conversion architecture which eliminates all
SAW filters
3. Ultra low power consumption: 100mW
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