Converter for Connecting 100-core Flexible Board FLX100 to 80-pin
0.8mm-pitch QFP/LQFP
External View and Dimensions
The M3T-FLX-80NRA is a converter for connecting the FLX100
100-core flexible board to a foot pattern of an 80-pin 0.8mm-pitch
QFP (80P6N-A) or LQFP (80P6U-A). This converter can be used
during debugging and board-mounted evaluation in common.
Attaching Procedure
When debugging
(1) Mount NQPACK080RA on the foot pattern on the target
(2) On the top of (1), mount YQPACK080RA,
YQSOCKET080RAF and M3T-FLX-80NRA in that order.
(3) Then connect the probe of the emulation pod to the connector
provided at the top of the M3T-FLX-80NRA.
During board-mounted evaluation
On top of NQPACK080RA that is mounted on the target system,
attach the MCU with on-chip flash memory or one-time PROM and
the HQPACK080RA168 (option)*1 or HQPACK080RA160
Package Components
• M3T-FLX-80NRA converter
(option)*1 in that order.
• YQSOCKET080RAF (made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.)
- *1 : For MCU package 80P6N-A : Use HQPACK080RA168 (option).
- *1 : For MCU package 80P6U-A : Use HQPACK080RA160 (option).
• YQPACK080RA (made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.)
• NQPACK080RA (made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.)
• YQ-GUIDE (× 4)
• Screw driver (made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.)
• User's manual
*Required components to connect to the target system are included with
this product package. Each component made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.
is optionally available alone from Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.
See Appendix G "Contact Addresses for Partner Products".
Foot Pattern Reference Dimensions
See Appendix E "List of TQPACK/NQPACK Foot Patterns Made
by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd."
[Ordering Information] See Appendix H "Ordering Information".
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