Converter for Connecting Pod Probe M30201T-PRB to 56-pin
0.65mm-pitch QFP (for M30201 Group)
External View and Dimensions
The M201T-56FP is a converter for the M30201 Group for
connecting the emulation pod probe M30201T-PRB to a foot
pattern of a 56-pin 0.65mm-pitch QFP (56P6S-A).
Mount TQPACK056SB on the foot pattern on the target system.
On top of it, mount TQSOCKET056SBP, TQSOCKET056SBF
and M30201T-56FP in that order. Then connect the probe
M30201T-PRB of the emulation pod to the connector provided at
the top of the M30201T-56FP.
Package Components
• M30201T-56FP
• TQSOCKET056SBP (made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.)
• TQPACK056SB (made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.)
• User's manual
*Required components to connect to the target system are included with
this product package. Each component made by Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.
is optionally available alone from Tokyo Eletech Co., Ltd.
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