Tender specifications EC-Mitteldruck-Axialventilator 1120-1600 EN~1

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EC medium pressure axial fans
EC medium pressure axial fan
Sizes 1120 to 1600
Direct-drive EC medium pressure axial fan with high-performance axial impeller with hub, mounted on a
GreenTech EC external rotor motor with integrated control electronics.
Double-flange housing made of galvanised sheet steel, flow-optimised nozzle shape on inlet side, corrosion
protection as per DIN EN ISO 12944, class C5 M; transport loops for safe handling during shipping and installation.
Impeller and hub made of die-cast aluminium, with flow-optimised Airfoil blade geometry, blade angle and number of
blades specified at the factory to suit the required operating point; installation possible on inlet or pressure side;
motorised impeller balanced in two planes (static and dynamic) as per DIN ISO 1940 to balance quality G 6.3.
GreenTech EC external rotor motor surpasses efficiency class IE4, magnets without use of rare earths, maintenancefree ball bearings with long-term lubrication, theoretical nominal service life of at least 40,000 operating hours,
installation with horizontal and vertical motor shaft; soft start, integrated current limitation, wide input voltage range 3phase 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz, fan suitable for use with all standard power supply systems with no effect on air
Compact electronics; no need to install shielded wiring; extremely low-noise commutation logic; 100% speed control,
with PID controller; RS485/MODBUS RTU interface; pre-set operating parameters, no parametrisation work required.
Terminal box made of aluminium with readily accessible connection area with spring terminals, environment-resistant
cable glands.
Any work required to prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise is to be performed by the customer.
Fan satisfies the relevant EMC regulations and requirements with regard to circuit feedback; documentation and
marking conform to the applicable EU directives.
Reliable performance data, air performance measurements on inlet-side chamber test rig in accordance with
ISO 5801 and DIN 24163, noise measurements in low-reflection acoustic test chamber as per DIN EN ISO 3745.
Integrated protective devices:
Alarm relay with floating contacts (250 V AC/2 A, cos φ = 1)
Locked-rotor protection
Phase failure detection
Motor soft start
Mains undervoltage detection
Excess temperature protection for electronics and motor
Short circuit protection
Different and specific requirements on request
Subject to change / As at 2015/04/01
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Text for invitation to tender for
EC medium pressure axial fans
Technical data:
Fan types
Air flow
Stat. pressure increase
Stat. overall efficiency
Operating speed
Motor type
Type of control
Motor efficiency class
Total power consumption
Specific fan power
Nominal voltage range
Mains frequency
Nominal current
Ingress protection
Sound power level
Sound pressure level (at 1 m)
Perm. ambient temperature
Fan mass
p fs
η es
P ed
L W A(A, in)
L p A(A, in)
W3G ________ - ________ - _____
= ___________________________
= ___________________________
= ___________________________
= ___________________________
= EC motor
= 0-100% speed control
= IE4
= ___________________________
= ___________________________
= ___________________________
= 50 / 60
= ___________________________
= IP54
= _______ / L W A(A, out) = _______
= _______ / L p A(A, out) = _______
= ____________ to ____________
= ___________________________
Product photo
EC axial fan – straight blades W3G…
Refer to data sheet for dimensions and connections
Subject to change / As at 2015/04/01
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