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Radian – Miniature Attitude & Heading Reference System
Radian is a miniature marine Attitude
and Heading Reference Systems
(AHRS) using a triad of modern high
quality solid state MEMS inertial and
earth magnetic field sensors.
The embedded processor allows the
real-time output of high accuracy
gyro compensated magnetic
heading, pitch, roll and related
information at high output rates to
provide the user with an optimum
orientation solution.
To correct for any local disturbances
to the magnetic field caused by a
vessels engines for example, a full
magnetic field calibration can be
carried out with easy to use software
supplied. A correction table is then
stored within the device.
Radian supports RS232, 485 with a
range or proprietary or marine
industry standard serial outputs. With
the software supplied you can view
the heading, pitch, roll data in realtime on a PC, or configure serial
outputs to other systems.
Supplied within a 300 or 3,000
metre rated underwater pressure
housing and accepting a wide range
of input voltages, Radian can be
mounted anywhere on vessels,
ROVs, AUVs and other vehicles or
Radian is compatible with
Sonardyne’s family of Scout USBL
tracking systems.
Key Features
• Miniature affordable marine high
accuracy magnetic heading, pitch,
and roll sensor
• Surface or Subsea (300 or 3,000
Metre depth rating)
• Industry standard serial outputs
• Supplied with advanced software
• 18 to 50 Volt input range
• Low power consumption <450mW
• High update rate of 100Hz
• Low latency
• Suitable for highly dynamic
conditions as gyro compensated
• Magnetic field calibration system
• Inshore hydrographic survey
The relative weighting between the
magnetic heading sensor data and
gyro data can be adjusted to enable
absolute or relative heading output,
dependent on the magnetic
environment that it is installed in. The
filter response can be adjusted to suit
different vehicle dynamics.
• Vessels: Compensation of
Bathymetry systems, Dynamic
Position system input
• ROVs : Orientation displays,
Imaging sonar compensation
• AUVs : Dead reckoning, Imaging
sonar compensation
Sonardyne UK (Head Office)
T. +44 (0) 1252 872288
F. +44 (0) 1252 876100
E. [email protected]
Radian – Miniature Attitude & Heading Reference System
Depth Rating
Weight in Air/Water
Type 8041-000-01
300 Metres
160 mm x 92 mm x 78 mm
0.64 kg / 0.05 kg
Type 8041-000-02
3,000 Metres
160 mm x 92 mm x 78 mm
1.21 kg / 0.61 kg
Raw sensor performance
Full Scale (standard)
Rate of Turn
±150 deg/s
Bias stability (1σ)
0.1% of FS
5 deg/s
Scale Factor Stability (1σ)
Noise density
0.1 deg/s/√Hz
Alignment error
Bandwidth (standard)
0.1 deg
40 Hz
±50 m/s2
0.2% of FS
0.02 m/s2
0.001 m/s2/√Hz
0.1 deg
30 Hz
Magnetic Field
±750 mGauss
0.5 mGauss (1σ)
-10 to +60oC
<1% of FS
0.5oC accuracy
0.1 deg
10 Hz
0.2% of FS
0.5 mGauss
Orientation performance in marine conditions
Dynamic range
All angles 3D
Angular resolution
0.05 deg
Pitch Accuracy
<0.5 deg
Roll Accuracy
<0.5 deg
Heading Accuracy
<1 Deg Statically, <2 Deg in real marine environment
Proprietary Outputs
Industry Standard
Max update rate
Digital interface
Operating voltage
Power consumption
3D orientations (Quaternions, Euler Angles, Rotation Matrix), 3D acceleration, 3D rate
of turn, 3D earth-magnetic field (normalized), Device Temperature
512Hz (sensors only), 100Hz (orientation data)
RS232, RS485
18 to 50 VDC
450 mWatts
Specifications subject to change without notice - 03/2012