Product Brief
The multimedia platform MP2 is following
Infineon’s successful strategy providing
complete system solutions for high
featured phones supporting all cellular
standards from GSM/GPRS, EDGE and
UMTS with one unified platform.
The MP2 offering includes several platform
options which can be selected by
customers to tailor the MP2 to their special
needs and to provide highest flexibility as
well as a long platform lifetime which
guarantees return on invest.
Infineon’s multimedia platform offering is
the most complete offering in the market.
Included are all components needed to
build a mobile phone: baseband,
RF transceiver, power management unit,
Bluetooth and A-GPS chips which are
complemented by a HW reference
design, an industry leading
protocol stack, the APOXI TM
application framework and
a fully customizable reference
man-machine-interface (MMI).
The development environment
offered with MP2 includes
development boards,
a comprehensive tool chain
for development support and production
and an SDK for the application framework.
Customers will also benefit from Infineon’s extensive experience with chipsets and
complete customized solutions in the mobile market.
Mobile Solutions
N e v e r
s t o p
t h i n k i n g .
Product Brief
MP2 Standard Configuration
RF 2G Band 850/900/1800/1900
GPRS class 10, CS 1..4
E-GPRS class 10, MCS 1..9
Codecs: FR, HR, EFR, AMR
Protocol stack E-GPRS Rel. 99
Polyphonic ringer: 40 voices
High color displays up to QVGA
Camera support up to 2 Mpixel
Video rec. QCIF @ 15 fps
Video play QCIF @ 25 fps
Video streaming 15 fps @ QCIF
Fast IrDA
USB 2.0 (Full speed) incl. OTG
SD card/SDIO
Supported Applications
Java MIDP 2.0
3D graphics
WAP 2.1
MMS Rel. 1.4
MP2 UMTS Option
The UMTS option includes all features of the standard configuration plus:
1920- 1980 MHz
Downlink: 2110- 2170 MHz
384 kbit/s UL/DL PS UMTS
64 kbit/s UL/DL CS UMTS
Dual mode type II UE
3GPP Rel. 99 March 03
MP2 Enhanced Multimedia Option
The enhanced multimedia option can be combined with the MP2 standard configuration or UMTS option
Camera support up to 5 Mpixel
Display support up to VGA
Video rec. QCIF @ 30 fps
Video play QCIF @ 30 fps
Video Streaming 30 fps @ QCIF
Video conferencing
DVB-H (option)
A-GPS Option
The A-GPS option can be selected together with all other MP2 configuration
True indoor capability for
global localizations
Rapid times to first fix
Leading low power requirements
Continuous navigation capabilities
Standards compliant using RRLP
End to end solution including aiding
data service
A P O X I TM A p p l i c a t i o n F r a m e w o r k
The APOXI TM Application Framework enables advanced graphic capabilities and includes
A platform independent, easily reusable environment for rapid development and cost efficient solutions.
A powerful reference MMI with a broad range of pre-integrated reference applications
An open API to enable unlimited 3rd party applications
APIs for SIM, NVRAM, Flash, Display, Audio, Video, Real Time Operating Systems and the TCP/UDP family
An object-oriented framework, ideal for developing customized “Look & Feel” MMIs & applications
Support for Java, camera, and a broad range of advanced multimedia codecs
An innovative roadmap of advanced applications provided by a leading developer network
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