General Description
The SPT232 is a wideband low distortion operational amplifier designed
specifically for high speed, low gain applications requiring wide
dynamic range. Utilizing a current feedback architecture, the SPT232
offers high speed performance while maintaining DC precision.
The SPT232 offers precise gains from ±1 to ±5 with a true 0.1%
linearity and provides stable, oscillation-free operation across the
entire gain range without external compensation. The SPT232, a
pin compatible enhanced version of the SPT231, reduces 2nd
and 3rd harmonic distortion to an extremely low -69dBc at 20MHz
(2Vpp, RL = 100Ω). Additional features provided by the SPT232
include a small signal bandwidth of 270MHz, a large signal
bandwidth of 95MHz and a 3000V/µs slew rate. The input offset
voltage is typically 1mV with an input offset drift of 10µV/°C.
The SPT232 combines these high performance features with its
0.05% settling time of 15ns and its 100mA drive capability to
provide high-speed, high-resolution A/D and D/A converter systems with an attractive solution for driving and buffering. Wide
dynamic range systems such as radar and communication receivers requiring low harmonic distortion and low noise will find
the SPT232 to be an excellent choice. As a linedriver, the
SPT232 set at a gain of 2 cancels matched line losses.
-69dBc 2nd and 3rd harmonics at 20MHz
-3dB bandwidth of 270MHz
0.005% settling in 15ns
3000V/µs slew rate
1mV input offset voltage, 10µV/°C drift
±10V, 100mA max output
Direct replacement for CLC232
Flash A/D drivers
DAC current-to-voltage conversion
Wide dynamic range IF amps
VCO drivers
DDS postamps
Radar/communication receivers
Precision line drivers
Bottom View
The SPT232 is constructed using thin film resistor/bipolar transistor technology, and is available in the following versions:
SPT232AIH -25°C to +85°C 12-pin TO-8 can
SPT232AMH -55°C to +125°C 12-pin TO-8 can, features
burn-inand hermetic testing
Typical Performance
Package Dimensions
Spectral Response
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SPT232 Electrical Characteristics (Av = +2, Vcc = ±15V, RL = 100Ω, Rf = 250Ω; unless specified)
Min/max ratings are based on product characterization and simulation. Individual parameters are tested as noted. Outgoing quality levels are
determined from tested parameters.
Absolute Maximum Ratings Recommended Operating Conditions
SPT232 Typical Performance Characteristics
(TA = 25°, Av = +2, VCC = ±15V, RL = 100Ω, Rf = 250Ω)
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