LSI DMN-8602

LSI Logic DiMeNsion 8602
DVD Recorder System Processor
The LSI Logic DiMeNsion-2 second-generation family of DVD recorder processor products is based on the proven DoMiNo™ architecture. The DiMeNsion-2 family is
intended for demanding, yet cost-sensitive, A/V codec applications that allow consumer
electronics manufacturers to offer a broad range of DVD recorder and other consumer
electronics products. A true system-on-a-chip solution, the DiMeNsion 8602 (DMN-8602)
reduces cost, design complexity, power consumption and time-to-market, and offers broadest feature set with the best image quality.
The DMN-8602 accepts video from broadcast TV and other analog video
sources and compresses and formats the video for storage on DVD in industry-standard
recordable formats. The DMN-8602 supports the simultaneous playback of previously
recorded video from DVD, which may be from the same broadcast program, time-shifted.
To support archiving digital camcorder content to a DVD, DMN-8602 integrates a second
generation DV codec. The LSI Logic Direct Digital Dub™ technology simplifies the transfer of personal digital content from a cam-corder to DVD over FireWire, with one-touch
control via a single remote.
• Record broadcast TV to DVD with
timeshift capability
• Store analog video on DVD
The DMN-8602 offers DoMiNoFX™ technologies – industry-leading pre- and
post-processing of video – to create a visibly superior viewing experience. LSI Logic’s
• Playback MPEG-4 video
proprietary motion-compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) algorithm, TrueView™ Pro,
• DVD playback
provides a cleaner picture through substantial noise reduction. This technique is coupled
• Output video in progressive mode
with the LSI Logic fifth-generation compression technology, PerfectView® Pro for excellent
video quality, even at very low bit rates. The motion-compensated de-interlacing (MCDI)
TrueScan™ Pro then recreates clear images on progressive scan displays through the
8-bit YUV
memory cards via the USB port
• DoMiNoFX™ technologies for the
elimination of video blurring in moving scenes.
(27 MHz or Core
13.5 Crytsal) Power
• Connect to digital still cameras and
highest-quality video
Ground JTAG
• Archive DV camcorder content on
YCbCr, Y/C, CVBS; ITU-R BT.656
DVD with single remote control
operation (Direct Digital Dub™)
Host Interface
Figure 1: DMN-8602 I/Os
IR Remote
IR Blaster
LSI Logic DiMeNsion 8602 DVD Recorder system Processor
For DVD video recording applications, the DMN-8602 supports video compres-
• Dual 150 MIPS RISC architecture with
integrated audio DSP
• Flexible video DSP and motion
estimation processors
sion in compliance with the MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and DV-25 specifications, and video decompression in compliance with the MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DV-25, and MPEG-4 specifications. The
DMN-8602 also enables transcoding between DV-25 and MPEG-2. The product supports
corresponding audio compression and decompression in compliance with the Dolby Digital
CE and MPEG-1 layer 2 specifications.
• Integrated TV encoder and video
• High-performance memory controller
for support of up to 256 MB of
external SDRAM
• Second-generation DV codec
• IEEE1394 link layer with 5C content
The DMN-8602 supports the DVD-RAM, DVD-RW/-R, and DVD+RW/+R video
recording formats and complete DVD recordable drive buffer management. The DMN-8602
can support either half-duplex (separate recording or playback) or full-duplex (simultaneous
recording and playback) operations on the DVD recordable drive.
For playback applications, the product supports the play- back of DVD-Video disks
with Dolby Digital 5.1, MPEG-1 layer 2 and DTS audio encoding, and VCD and SVCD
disks. For audio playback applications, the product supports the decoding of DVD-Audio
protection and AV/C protocol
disks (MLP), Windows Media Audio (WMA) and CD-DA formats. The DMN-8602 also
performs all audio post-processing tasks such as 3D audio effects (Phantom™ Surround) and
• Integrated USB controller
• 2D graphics engine (native 24-bit
RGB with 8-bit alpha) with DVD
bass management functions.
sub-picture decode
• Serial I/O interface controller for
infrared port, general-purpose serial
The high level of integration drastically reduces system component count, and
consequently system cost. Figure 2 shows a block diagram of an advanced DVD recorder
based on DMN-8602.
I/O, etc.
• Storage device interface controller for
RF Tuner
IDE/ATAPI devices
Video In
NTSC/PAL Decoder
Audio In
Audio ADC
1394 PHY
Audio DACs
Audio Out
Video Out
DVD-Record Drive
VFD with Front Panel Controller
Figure 2: DMN-8602 DVD Recorder System
In addition to including a CPU, graphics engine, and complete audio and video
systems, the DMN-8602 integrates an NTSC/PAL TV encoder, a second-generation DV
codec, a Unified Memory Architecture and a USB controller. The USB controller allows for
connectivity with flash memory cards and digital still cameras. This high level of integration
makes DMN-8602 one of the most comprehensive and cost-competitive DVD recordable
solutions in the market today.
The DoMiNo architecture – the foundation of the DMN-8602 product features
– represents the optimal balance between hardware and software. Repetitively executed,
computationally complex pixel processing tasks are accelerated in hardware execution
units. Higher-level data processing is performed on standard RISC processors, per-mitting
substantial product flexibility and use of industry-standard development tools.
The DMN-8602 is compatible with the LSI Logic C-Ware™ architecture, which
provides a standardized API that is reusable across LSI Logic DoMiNo-based consumer
digital video products, fully preserving software investment. C-Ware is inte-grated with the
Wind River Systems® VxWorks RTOS and is supported by an industry-leading software
development tool-chain.
LSI Logic DiMeNsion 8602 DVD Recorder System Processor
Summary of Specifications
Video Interface
O n e 8 - b i t Y U V 4 : 2 : 0 v i d e o s t r eam
D i g i t a l : O n e 8 - b i t I T U - R B T. 6 5 6 interlaced video output
A n a l o g : S u p p o r t f o r ( M ) N T S C , (B,D,G,H,I) PAL, CVBS, Y/C,
a n a l o g c o m p o n e n t v i d e o R G B or SMPTE YCbCr outputs
Audio Interface
2 c h a n n e l s , I D S c o m p a t i b l e , 1 6-24 bits/sample
8 ch an n e l s , I D S c o mpa t i bl e , 16-24 bits/sample, S/PDIF
Low Spe e d S e r i a l
U A RT, S P I , I R , I R B l a s t e r, I D C
I D E i n t e r f a c e f o r ATA P I d e v i c e s
High Spe e d S e r i a l
IEEE 1394 Compliant, USB
S i n g l e - s t r e a m , f u l l - d u p l e x , a u dio and video codec
Encode F o r m a t s
M P E G - 2 M P @ M L , M P E G - 1 , D V- 25, DDCE
Decode F o r m a t s
M P E G - 2 M P @ M L , M P E G - 1 , M P E G-4, DV-25, AC-3, DDCE, MLP,
Logical D i s k F o r m a t s
D V D - V R ( D V D - R A M , D V D - RW ) , DVD-V (DVD-R, DVD-RW), DVD+VR
( D V D + RW, D V D + R )
Encr ypti o n / D e c r y p t i o n
I n t e r n a l h o s t w i t h 1 6 - b i t g e n e ric external bus interface
2 D O S D - u p t o 2 4 b i t / p i x e l R GB with 8-bit alpha channel
- w i t h f l i c k e r f i l t e r, v i d e o s c a l er
Up to 256 MB of SDRAM
System C l o c k
13.5 or 27 MHz
Operatin g
Power <2.7 W
308 BGA
Complian c e
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