Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor
Control Module with CAN
The Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Module with
CAN (MDL-BDC) offers a variable speed control for 12 V
brushed DC motors at up to 40 A continuous current. The
motor control module includes high performance
Controller Area Network (CAN) connectivity and a rich set
of control options and sensor interfaces, including analog
and quadrature encoder interfaces. The high-frequency
PWM on the MDL-BDC enables DC motors to run
smoothly and quietly over a wide speed range. The
module uses highly optimized software and a powerful
32-bit Stellaris® microcontroller to implement open-loop
speed control as well as closed-loop control of speed,
position, or motor current.
The Stellaris® MDL-BDC is powered by the LM3S2616
microcontroller, featuring CAN and advanced motion
control capabilities. The LM3S2616 microcontroller's
robust combination of features, along with the efficient
and deterministic performance of the ARM® Cortex™-M3
core, positions the modules into a wide variety of
consumer and industrial applications, including factory
automation devices and systems, mobile robots,
household appliances, pumping and ventilation systems,
and electric wheelchairs and mobility devices.
Internal cooling fan
Motor terminals
Power terminals
Motor brake/coast selector
Quadrature encoder input (QEI) and analog input
Color-coded screw terminals for all power wiring
Easy to customize using tools supporting the
MDL-BDC from Keil, IAR, Code Sourcery, or Code
Red (using a Stellaris evaluation kit or preferred
ARM® Cortex™-M3 debugger)
Reference Design Kit
In addition to being offered as a stand-alone,
ready-for-production module (MDL-BDC), the Stellaris®
MDL-BDC is also offered as a complete open-tool
reference design kit (RDK-BDC). The RDK ships with
everything needed to quickly evaluate and easily
customize the MDL-BDC for your specific application,
„ MDL-BDC motor control module
„ Mabuchi RS-555PH-5255 Brushed DC Motor (rated
5000 RPM, 12 V, 3 A)
„ Universal input wall power supply
„ BDC CAN console based on EK-LM3S2965
Mounting holes
User switch
Status LED
Ventilation slots
CAN interface
CAN interface
speed control input
Limit switch inputs
Coast/Brake select
Quadrature encoder input(QEI)
Wire retention hooks
The MDL-BDC ships as a ready-to-run, yet customizable,
module with the following features:
„ Quiet control of brushed DC motors
– 15 kHz PWM frequency
„ Two options for Speed control
– Industry-standard R-C servo type (PWM) interface
– Controller Area Network (CAN) interface
„ CAN communication
– Full configurability of module options
– Real-time monitoring of current, voltage, speed, and
other parameters
– Load firmware over CAN
„ Limit switch inputs for forward and reverse directions
„ Status LED indicates Run, Direction, and Fault
Evaluation Kit
CAN cable and terminator
USB cable
Adapter cable for ARM JTAG/SWD fine-pitch header
Ribbon cable for ARM JTAG/SWD
Reference design kit CD
– Complete documentation, including Quickstart and
user’s guides
– Stellaris Flash Programmer utility for firmware
– Complete source code, schematics, and PCB
Gerber files
Ordering Information
Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Module
with CAN for Single-Unit Packaging
Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Module
with CAN for Volume Packaging
Stellaris® Brushed DC Motor Control Reference
Design Kit (includes the MDL-BDC module)
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