TSG 601
Serial Component Generator
SDA 601
Serial Digital Analyzer
and indicating the presence and
status of SMPTE RP165 and
other ancillary (ANC) data signals.
The results may be displayed on
the built-in LCD screen, on a
picture monitor, or transferred
directly to a printer or PC for
further analysis. The SDA 601
may be operated in a watch
mode, reporting errors as
they occur.
The SDA 601 also provides a suite
of individual checks, including
strength of the incoming data
signal, data and video format
type, and position and validity
of data timing signals.
Both the TSG 601 and SDA 601
comply with industry standards
for serial component television
data transmission. They may be
used as a set for data path testing
or individually to check performance and compliance of digital
source and receiving equipment.
A comprehensive serial component
test set:
The TSG 601 Serial Component
Generator and the SDA 601
Serial Digital Analyzer form a
comprehensive test set for serial
component television system
installation and maintenance.
Each convenient, handheld
instrument complements the
other for stress testing the television system data path.
The TSG 601 Serial Component
Generator provides Serial Digital
Interface (SDI) check field test
signals that stress receiver clock
recovery and phase lock loop
circuitry. Data signal launch
amplitude may be varied over
the SMPTE specification range
to check equalizer performance,
and a built in 50 meter cable
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simulator may be used to
quickly check available signal
strength margin.
TSG 601 specific features:
In addition to a full complement
of system test signals, the
TSG 601 includes signals to test
DAC performance and the accuracy of subsequent encoding into
the PAL or NTSC domain.
• 75% and 100% color bars
Embedded AES/EBU audio may
be added to the TSG 601 output.
Any of four audio groups may be
embedded into the 270 Mb/s data
stream, and two or four channels
of the group enabled. Separate
frequency and amplitude may be
assigned to each channel.
• Convergence and active
picture markers
The SDA 601 Serial Digital
Analyzer provides analysis of
the incoming digital television
signal with the push of a button,
quickly identifying data errors
• 60% line sweep with markers
at .5, 1, 3, 4, and 5 MHz
The TSG 601 generator provides
16 user-selected test signals:
• Pluge, BBC versions 1 and 2
• 5 step and valid modulated
• Limit and shallow ramps
• PLL SDI checkfield
• Equalizer SDI checkfield
• SDI checkfield matrix
• Valid modulated pulse and bar
• 500 kHz reduced amplitude
• CE Marking
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