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Low Pass Filter
DC to 45 MHz
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The Big Deal:
• Small size 3.2mm x 2.5 mm
• High Power handling (8W)
• High rejection (50 dB typ)
• Ceramic construction
Product Overview:
Pricing: $3.99 (QTY 10)
New Low Pass Filter LFCV-45+ is an LTCC based 7 section
design, that extends the lower frequency cutoff range of the
existing LFCN series to 45 MHz. Systems that previously
relied on active or lumped element filtering to support these
lower frequencies can save power and system complexity
by integrating the LFCV-45+ into new designs. These filters
are offered in a EIA 1210 package size and have a typical
stop band rejection of 50 dB.
Summary Performance
Insertion Loss (Pass band)
1.2 dB Max.
45 MHz
Return Loss (Pass band)
20 dB Typ.
45 MHz
Stop band Rejection
20 dB Min.
120 MHz
Stop band Rejection
50 dB typ.
180 MHz
Key Features
Small Size (3.2mm x2.5 mm)
Available in the size of typical resistors or capacitors (EIA 1210), the ultra small LFCV series
integrates up to 7 low pass sections in a simple SMT chip form factor.
High Power Handling
The LFCV series can withstand up to 8W CW signal without damage making this filter ideal
for use in medium power to transmit paths.
Temperature Stability
Over a 155°C operating temperature range (-55°C to +100°C), the LFCV series
ceramic filters typically exhibit less than 0.2 dB pass band insertion loss variation, and less
than 0.4 dB rejection variation at the 20 dB point (as measured on a single unit)
High Rejection
Achieving 50dB rejection @180 MHz; the LFCV-45+ provides a versatile anti aliasing solution for high data rate receivers.
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 AS 9100 CERTIFIED
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