MINI ZHL-16W-43+

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High Power Amplifier
1800 to 4000 MHz
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The Big Deal:
•Broadband - High Power, 16 Watt
• Internal Protection from Load and Temperature
Product Overview:
Mini-Circuits ZHL-16W-43+ offers high power (16W) with
rugged reliability over a broad frequency range from 1800
to 4000 MHz. This model includes temperature sensing
circuits for automatic shutdown and output load protection to
operate into a short or an open load making it ideal for use
in laboratory or field applications.
Price: $1595 (QTY 1-9)
Price: $1545 (QTY 1-9)
Summary Performance at 2 GHz
W, typ.
dB, typ.
dBm, typ.
POUT (at 1dB)
dBm, typ.
DC Current (at 28V)
A, max.
Operating Frequency: 1800 to 4000 MHz
Key Features
Combination of Power and Bandwidth
Offering a unique combination of output power over a broad frequency range, the ZHL-16W-43+ is
ideal for laboratory and other test applications which require a high degree of flexibility to delivery
power over a wide array of applications including
• PCS, UMTS, LTE and wireless
• Radar
• Microwave radio and ISM
Excellent Input and Output VSWR
With 1.3:1 output VSWR, the ZHL-16W-43+ is designed for use in driving circuits with a variety of
impedances and still provide consistent, reliable output power.
Over Temp Shutdown
The ZHL-16W-43+ includes internal temperature monitoring circuits to automatically shut down the
amplifier in the event of over temperature operation. Set for approximately +85°C shutdown (with
auto recovery at 70°C), this feature ensures that users who have difficulty in controlling their thermal environment or need to operate in a remote mode and cannot monitor the amplifier real time,
can function with the security that a thermal run-away condition will be avoided through this self
management feature. Furthermore, the ZHL-16W-43+ provides a TTL output to indicate thermal
shutdown for remote automated systems.
Output Load Protection
A high root cause for damage to power amplifiers is the operation into highly reflective loads. The
ZHL-16W-43+ power amplifier includes circuits to enable the amplifier to operate without damage
in the presence of an open or short over all phases.
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 AS 9100 CERTIFIED
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