OXPCIe954, PCI Express to Quad Serial Port
ƒ General Features
o Quad UART with port expansion interface
o PCIe x1 end-point
- Integrated 2.5 GT/s SerDes
o 13 x 13mm2, 176-pin TFBGA package
o Typical Power: 200 mWatts
ƒ Key Features
o Standards Compliant
- PCI Express Base Specification, r1.1 (backwards
compatible with PCIe r1.0a)
- PCI Power Management Spec, r1.2
- ExpressCard, Mini Card & AIC compatible
- MSI/MSI-X compatible
- ASPM (L0S, L1) Link power management
o High Performance
- PLX’s Oxford 950 UART
- DMA/bus mastering of both UARTs
- Asynchronous baud rates up to 15 Mbps
- 128-byte deep transmit/receive FIFO
- 9, 8, 7, 6 & 5-bit data framing
- Automated in & out-of-band flow control
- Advanced FIFO fill management
- Seamless port expansion interface to a second
OXPCIe954/8 for 8/12 port solution
Part of the Expresso family of high performance PCI
Express devices, the OXPCIe954 is a single chip quad
serial port device with port expansion interface in a
range of 2, 4 & 8 port solutions, that includes the
OXPCIe952 & OXPCIe958.
Incorporating PLX Technology’s ultra high
performance Oxford 950 UART technology, the
device combines outstanding system performance
with unrivalled flexibility for even the most
demanding of serial applications.
Complete with the Oxide development tools and
certified device drivers, the OXPCIe954 is easy to
design-in and the ideal connectivity solution for a
diverse range of products including: PC Add-on
Cards, Industrial PC, Point of Sale Terminals,
Industrial Control, Building Automation and Network
Accelerate your product development and time to
market with Oxide and PLX Technology’s easy to
design-in, high performance serial connectivity
solutions that just work.
o Flexibility
- RS232, RS422, RS485 and IrDA operation
- Flexible clock pre-scaler from 1 to 31.875
- Programmable RS485 Turn-around delay
- 450 through 950 software compatibility
- 8 user-configurable GPIOs/PWMs
- Device parameters configurable via EEPROM
- 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V UART & GPIO I/O voltage
o Robust Operation
- Operation from a single 3.3 V supply
- Industrial temperature range -40°C to 85°C
o Broad Device Driver Support
- Windows Vista/XP/2K
- WinCE 4.2/5.0/6.0
- Linux 2.4/2.6
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OXPCIe954, PCI Express to Quad Serial Port
Outstanding Performance
Development Support
The OXPCIe954 achieves ultra high performance by
combining the class leading 15Mbps asynchronous
data rates and deep FIFOs of PLX’s Oxford 950
UART, with advanced MSI interrupt handling and
bus master DMA for maximum throughput, minimum
CPU overhead and optimal system performance.
Configurable quad ports the OXPCIe954 includes a
host of advanced features such as, automated in-band
flow control, readable FIFO levels and RS485
turnaround delay, that provides further scope to fine
tune performance, while its flexible clock pre-scaler
provides for a wide range of baud rates.
With its high performance port expansion interface,
providing seamless expansion to 8 or 12 ports without
a PCIe switch, its comprehensive power management
and industrial temperature range the OXPCIe954 is
the perfect choice for high performance systems.
To support these advanced features the OXPCIe954 is
backed by a dedicated PLX device driver that is
quality assured, exhaustively tested and WHQL
approved; saving development time and providing
peace of mind.
Design and evaluation of the OXPCIe954 couldn’t be
easier with this comprehensive reference design kit
(RDK). The RDK includes everything you need for
PC installation and evaluation including Hardware,
Oxide Development Tools and software device
drivers. Simply plug the half length PCI Express
evaluation board into any PCI Express slot, install the
software and its ready to go.
Changing the dynamics of device customization,
Oxide development tools enable customization of the
OXPCIe954 in minutes. No more complex, time
consuming, error prone manual editing of
programming files and driver source code; Oxide’s
intuitive graphical user interface provides simple
‘point and click’ feature selection and text box entry
for fast, error free customization with minimal
software expertise as well as instant access to up to
date documentation, software and reference designs.
Check the PLX website for details.
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Quad Serial Port to PCIe Bridge
Reference Design Kit
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