PB5114, Rev -
DIAMONDBACK Series Programmable Multi-Channel
Solid State Power Controllers
The Diamondback Series of Programmable
Multi-Channel Solid State Power Controllers
(SSPC) is a microcontroller-based, COTS
Solid State Power Controller board designed
for 28VDC applications. Each channel of the
Diamondback has software-programmable
current ratings and can operate grouped with
other channels to support loads up to 150A.
The board has integrated current, temperature
and voltage sensing and no derating over
Parameter measurements,
system status information and control
commands are issued over a serial
communications interface.
16 electrically-protected channels
Programmable ratings from 0.25A to 25A
Parallel channel capability up to 150A
Total current capability of up to 160A
Max power dissipation less than 20W
True I2t and thermal memory protection
Normal and SensWide™ instant trip
Trip-free reset circuit
Current, temperature, voltage readings
Hi accuracy over temperature range
Controlled turn-on/off to reduce EMC
Trip disable and maintenance modes
Power-up and continuous built-in-test
Optically isolated input and outputs
Isolated electrical control circuit
5VDC auxiliary power option
Conduction cooled board
-55oC to 85oC operating temperature
Sensitron’s SSPC technology and products combine the functionalities of electro-mechanical breakers, solid
state relays, and system monitors, thereby providing the following benefits to our customers:
Electrical load protection and monitoring - current, voltage and temperature measurements
Operational improvements by allowing for diagnostics, prognostics and condition-based maintenance
Life cycle cost savings and reduced cost of ownership
Increased radius of operation through power budgeting and load shedding
Crew offloading and network-controlled intelligent load management
Application Areas:
Sensitron’s SSPC products are ideal for use in Power Management applications in the following markets:
Military Ground Vehicles
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Marine Vessels
Test & Industrial Equipment
Communication and Command Centers
Energy Exploration Equipment
Off Highway and Heavy Duty Vehicles
Medical Emergency Vehicles
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Product Brief
PB5114, Rev -
Similarly to the traditional electromechanical circuit breakers, the DIAMONDBACK protects electrical circuits
by closely controlling the I2t factor.
Multiple individual channels can be paralleled in order handle large current loads. The new current rating is
calculated as the sum of the individual channel ratings. To use channels in parallel, simply tie the channels’
load pins together, put the board in maintenance mode, and program the required parallel combination.
DIAMONDBACK Solid State Power Controller provides current, voltage and temperature measurements.
This information can be used to monitor electrical loads and perform tasks such as diagnostics, prognostics
and condition-based maintenance.
DIAMONDBACK’s architecture is comprised of high side switches controlled by a central microprocessor.
The switching blocks are responsible for the control of individual channels. The processor performs all
necessary measurements, data processing, and communicates to the user’s application through a CAN
communications interface.
Figure 1 – Block Diagram
All communications between the Diamondback and the controller is conducted via a J1939 compliant CAN
communications interface. Diamondback only responds to the user’s commands, however, user’s software
is not required to operate the Diamondback Series products. Communications interface commands are
defined by Sensitron’s Interface Communications Document (ICD). Please contact us for a copy of this
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Product Brief
PB5114, Rev -
Control & Status (TTL/CMOS Compatible)
5.0V DC Nominal, 7.0V DC Absolute Maximum
4.5V to 5.5 VDC
210mA typ (TBD)
BIAS (VCC) Current
Voh=3.7V, min, at Ioh=-20mA
Vol=0.4V, max, at Iol=20mA
BIT* Output
VT+ (Positive-going input threshold voltage)
VT− (Negative-going input threshold voltage)
ΔVT Hysteresis (VT+ VT−)
Driver Output Voltage – CANH (Dominant)
Driver Output Voltage – CANL (Dominant)
Driver Output Voltage – CANH (Recessive)
Driver Output Voltage – CANL (Recessive)
Driver Differential Output Voltage (Dominant)
Driver Differential Output Voltage (Recessive)
Driver Differential Output Voltage Rise/Fall Time
Receiver Positive-going input threshold
Receiver Negative-going input threshold
Receiver Input Hysteresis
Receiver Input Resistance
ESD – Human body model
2.0V, min, 3.5V, max
1.2V, min, 2.3V, max
0.6V, min, 1.4V, max
2.75V, min; 3.5V, typ; 4.5V, max
0.5V, min; 2V, max
1.5V, min; 2.5V, typ; 3V, max
1.5V, min; 2.5V, typ; 3V, max
1.2V,min; 2V, typ; 3.1V, max
-120mV, min; 12mV, Max
100nS to 250nS depending on Baud Rate
750mV, typ; 900mV, max
500mV, min; 650mV, typ
100mV, typ
40kΩ, min; 100kΩ, max
+14kV, typ
Input/Line Voltage
Input Voltage – Continuous
– Transient
Max Output Voltage of OFF Channel
Max current without tripping
Min current for guaranteed tripping
0 to 70V DC, 90V DC Abs Maximum
+600V or –600V Spike (< 10 µS)
1.2V typ @ VLINE = 28VDC
3.3V max @ VLINE = 28VDC
4.3V max @ VLINE = 45VDC
145% of the programmed current rating
115% of the programmed current rating
Table 1 - Electrical Characteristics
Sensitron’s Graphical User Interface provides a quick way to interact with the Diamondback board. This PCbased program is designed for lab use and enables the user to evaluate the board. The GUI sends the
commands to the board to perform tasks such as channel turn on/off, measurement readings, channel
paralleling, etc.
Please contact the factory to obtain a copy of this program.
MIL-STD-217F, Notice 2
Characteristics of 28 Volt DC Electrical Systems in Military Vehicles
Aircraft Electrical Power Characteristics
Reliability Prediction of Electronic Equipment
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Product Brief
PB5114, Rev -
Reference Diamondback Series for ordering.
1- The information given herein, including the specifications and dimensions, is subject to change without prior notice to improve product
characteristics. Before ordering, purchasers are advised to contact the Sensitron Semiconductor sales department for the latest version of the
2- In cases where extremely high reliability is required (such as use in nuclear power control, aerospace and aviation, traffic equipment, medical
equipment , and safety equipment) , safety should be ensured by using semiconductor devices that feature assured safety or by means of users’
fail-safe precautions or other arrangement .
3- In no event shall Sensitron Semiconductor be liable for any damages that may result from an accident or any other cause during operation of
the user’s units according to the datasheet(s). Sensitron Semiconductor assumes no responsibility for any intellectual property claims or any
other problems that may result from applications of information, products or circuits described in the datasheets.
4- In no event shall Sensitron Semiconductor be liable for any failure in a semiconductor device or any secondary damage resulting from use at
a value exceeding the absolute maximum rating.
5- No license is granted by the datasheet(s) under any patents or other rights of any third party or Sensitron Semiconductor.
6- The datasheet(s) may not be reproduced or duplicated, in any form, in whole or part, without the expressed written permission of Sensitron
7- The products (technologies) described in the datasheet(s) are not to be provided to any party whose purpose in their application will hinder
maintenance of international peace and safety nor are they to be applied to that purpose by their direct purchasers or any third party. When
exporting these products (technologies), the necessary procedures are to be taken in accordance with related laws and regulations.
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