ANU-48 - Gamewell

ANU-48 LED Driver Module
The Gamewell-FCI, ANU-48 LED Driver Module is a
remote annunciator that is used in conjunction with the
following systems.
• E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System
• E3 Series Combined Fire and Mass Notification System
• E3 Series Broadband Voice Evacuation System
• S3 Series Small Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
• NetSOLO® System
It provides output for up to 8 remote panel switches and 48
remote LEDs, contributing to the versatility and flexibility of
the Gamewell-FCI System.
The switches may be programmed to operate as any of the
following predefined functions:
• Speaker Circuit Switch
• Fire Fighter Phone Switch
• Auxiliary Control Switch using a bank of two switches
(use one switch for each On-Off-Auto function)
In addition, the switches may be programmed to operate
with the following custom-defined functions:
• System Silence
• Alarm Acknowledge
• Trouble Acknowledge
• Lamp Test
• Alarm Tone On
• Manual Select
• Drill and System Reset/LED
The output is also provided for the following LEDs:
• Alarm
• System Trouble
• Supervisory
• Power Fault
• System Silenced
• NAC #1 Silenced
• NAC #2 Silenced
While Underwriters Laboratories Standards only address
testing at ambient temperatures down to 32° F, the ANU48 is Factory Mutual Approved for an ambient temperature
of -40° F/C (non-condensing). When it is powered externally, each driver circuit provides a maximum of .050 amp
with a maximum of 2.4 amperes per ANU-48 module.
Note: If you install more than four ANU-48 modules, an
external regulated and Class 2 power-limited power supply, Listed for use with the fire protective signaling units, is
Operating Voltage:
Operating Current:
Operating Temperature:
Relative Humidity:
• Listed under UL® Standard 864, 9th Edition.
• Listed under UL® Standard UL2572 for Mass
• Includes input for eight software programmable
switches, maintained on momentary contact.
• Provides output for up to 48 remote LEDs or driver circuits.
• The INI-VG Series, ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3 or SLP
(Smart Loop Panel) can support up to 16 ANU-48 LED
driver modules or ASM-16 switch modules for a total of
128 switches and 768 LEDs.
• Installed up to 3,000 feet (914.4 m) from the control panel,
and up to 15 additional annunciators can be connected.
• Adaptable to be mounted in any remotely located UL
Listed annunciator enclosure Listed with the ANU-48.
Ordering Information
Part Number
24 VDC resettable
0.011 amp*
32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
0 to 93%, (non-condensing)
at 90° F (32° C)
*Add .003 amp for any LED to be lit for any condition when powered internally. When powered externally, each driver circuit provides a maximum of 0.050 amp with a maximum of 2.4 amps. per
ANU-48 sub-assembly (48) circuits.
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Remote LED Driver Module
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